Information Security Escape Room

“You are spies and it came into your attention that an international company just created a mathematical formula which increases the efficiency of supply chains by 50 percent. The file is being stored on Peter’s computer, who is just having a lunch break. Thus, you have 20 minutes to log into to his computer and email the highly confidential document. It is of utmost importance that his email address is used, because this way even if the information leakage is detected, he will be suspected by internal auditors…”

The escape room is an educational role-playing game for adults. When taking part in the game we gain insight into the answers of the following questions:

  • What bad habits are part of our everyday related to data protection?
  • What serious damage can be caused by careless data protection?
  • How can we develop our data protection awareness?
  • How to protect company secrets and confidential information in our possession?


Csaba Gyimesi

Csaba Gyimesi

Director, PwC Hungary

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