Dispute analysis

Business disputes and regulatory probes have become increasingly disruptive, cumbersome, and complicated in Thailand. Language barriers and the challenge of navigating the legal and political system make foreign companies especially susceptible to anti-competitive harassment.

When faced with legal difficulties, companies and their counsel can count on PwC’s dispute analysis team of in-country experts. We provide advice and assistance with damage assessment in complex litigation to ensure fair treatment for clients. PwC helps with early case management, quantification of exposure, trial preparation, class certification, discovery assistance and demonstrative preparation. We can drastically cut litigation costs and maximise outcomes by performing data collection, processing and review. Our research is well-respected and can be presented to judges, juries, arbitrators and mediators.

Services include:

  • breach of contract investigations
  • acting as an expert witness, preparing reports and testifying at mediations, arbitrations and court trials
  • consulting on litigation for attorneys and their clients, and performing accounting, economic and statistical research
  • attaining forensic technology-based evidence through collection, processing and review of electronic data
  • calculating damage, and
  • analysing accounting issues in securities class actions or purchase price disputes.