Dispute analysis & expert testimony

No company enters into an agreement expecting to become embroiled in a dispute. But conflicts do happen. Complex civil litigation requires the insight and experience of people who understand how to interpret companies’ books, records, and financial documents. PwC provides business and financial advice to lawyers and their clients for matters of crisis or dispute. Our work often requires us to provide expert testimony at depositions, trials, and arbitrations.

You might need an independent damage loss quantification of a breach of contract, business interruption through natural disaster or individual negligence, major insurance claim, or third-party liability, or to gain insight into cost-sharing or other financial dealings under disputed cooperative agreements.

Or you might need to determine the effect of accounting adjustments for a merger or acquisition post-closing disagreement, or help in determining damages from patent, trademark, or copyright infringement or trade secret misappropriation.

Perhaps you need local business and accounting knowledge to investigate and analyse a claim in another country, or you need to quantify closely held business interests in a shareholder/partner or third-party dispute.

Our Dispute Analysis group provides lawyers and their clients with financial, economic, and statistical services for complex litigation cases. Our professionals have experience in:

  • accounting
  • breach of contract investigations
  • business analytics (quantitative analysis and optimisation of operating metrics)
  • business valuation
  • consulting on litigation, and conducting accounting, economic, and statistical research
  • damage quantification
  • expert witness testimony
  • forensic technology (digital data collection and analysis)
  • serving as arbitrators, mediators, or special masters, and
  • statistical analysis.

We have extensive experience in applying these skills in dispute contexts, including:

  • accounting malpractice
  • antitrust
  • bankruptcy
  • breach of contract
  • class actions
  • construction
  • government contracts
  • industrial accidents
  • insurance claims
  • intellectual property
  • international and domestic arbitration
  • licensing and franchising
  • mergers and acquisitions, and
  • securities

Regardless of how a company arrives in court, chances are its leaders don’t have the time or experience to manage the process effectively. That’s where we come in. Our deep pool of multi-skilled talent will help you through your challenging times.