Our attention is focused on governance, compliance and financial effectiveness in the wake of corporate failures, increasing stakeholder demands and growing public scrutiny.

Legal/regulatory heads and secretaries understand that governance and compliance outcomes should align with stakeholder expectations and business objectives. They must integrate governance and compliance systems in a commercially viable way.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) understand that the finance function needs to better support broad business decisions and cost-effectively add value to the organisation, while meeting compliance and governance requirements.

We customise our services

At PwC, our solutions are tailored to your needs. Our services support you as you face business challenges, including:

  • Compliance – pressure to apply frameworks that manage and show compliance.
  • Finance effectiveness – focusing more on finance and functions, like productivity, performance and cost effectiveness, and key decisions on information.
  • Governance – Board and management accountability for corporate governance due to significant regulatory and market changes.

We’ll support you in:

  • Aligning governance and compliance outcomes with stakeholder expectations and business objectives
  • Analysing major investments and decisions by leveraging quantitative skills
  • Creating highly controlled, disciplined and compliant environments by enabling access to financial and operational information quickly, cheaply and accurately
  • Designing, developing and implementing integrated governance and compliance systems, and
  • Improving performance management analysis and planning via integration of people, processes, information and technology.