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3 September 2014Two new partners join PwC Hungary’s leadership

12 August 2014PwC named a leader in Strategy Consulting Services

7 August 2014Africa: Growth is on the horizon

22 July 2014“Traditional” banks may not exist by 2025

4 July 2014Financialisation: The $9 trillion opportunity

3 July 2014 A new expert in PwC Hungary’s tax advisory services

18 June 2014 The bill on advertising tax

5 June 2014 PwC elects a new CEO, Olga Grygier-Siddons, and appoints a regional leadership team for Central and Eastern Europe

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Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan

The OECD set out final recommendations from the first half of its tax reform programme. The BEPS project was announced in order to tackle Base Erosion and Profit Shifting and marks the most significant change to international tax in modern time. A challenging transition period is awaiting both the tax authorities and large companies.

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Tough challenges ahead for central banks

A feature on the power and reach of central banks. With this power and reach, greater political scrutiny is inevitable, which could challenge their independence. Also, legal independence is not always enough – central banks also need to ‘earn’ their independence by demonstrating institutional strength or capability. The monetary policy in the Eurozone is expected to remain on hold for now, but if growth remains sluggish and inflation stays low, then the ECB may start a quantitative easing programme later this year.

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3rd Hungarian CEO Survey

Cautious optimism among Hungarian CEOs

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PwC Hungary in a striking new office building

PwC Hungary has moved into Eiffel Palace

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Nick Kós

CEO of PwC Hungary