Risk and governance

PwC’s risk and governance practice brings the multi-stream resources of out Bangkok offices; and a new focus on performance to help you meet your business objectives and go beyond compliance. Our approach combines disciplines under a single umbrella, and focuses them to analyse and improve your business.

We have a comprehensive view of risk that leverages technology, analytics and a regulatory understanding to identify redundancies, focus resources, and reduce audit risk.

How we can help you

PwC is a long-standing leader in risk and governance advisory. We help clients develop cost-effective compliance programmes focused on delivering sustainable solutions, combining culture, processes and technology, which are fundamental to viable profitability. We address the key drivers in the new global competitive and regulatory environment:

  • Anti-bribery, corruption and money laundering. Balancing anti-bribery, fraud and abuse; reporting and forensic accounting requirements with standard commercial practices and regulations in- and outside- country (BOT, SEC, AMLO etc.).
  • Compliance monitoring. As compliance programmes evolve, the one consistent challenge is developing and sustaining effective, real-time, compliance monitoring that cuts across the value chain while driving value to both the compliance organisations and the businesses.
  • Dynamic enterprise risk management. Finding ways to enhance shareholder value, increase efficiency, contain costs and manage risk according to the organisation’s controls and risk appetite.
  • IT governance. Creating a solid and agile IT foundation to address the new risks and compliance requirements that will emerge as companies increase their reliance on technology — transforming commercial and R&D processes, extending the walls of the virtual organisation, automating business processes, outsourcing IT operations, or sharing increasing amounts of sensitive information globally.

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