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Unlocking the potential of third party funding in dispute resolution

Third Party Funding (TPF), a form of financing for legal cases, can alleviate the concerns by companies seeking redressal for wrongs caused by others.

We believe that the rapidly evolving TPF should be considered in deciding on a dispute resolution strategy.

Deeper insights on international dispute resolution

We assisted the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) in conducting the International Dispute Resolution Survey 2020 (SIDRA Survey), which was published in July 2020.

Our series explores the currently emerging trends and possible future developments in the Dispute Resolution scene based on insights drawn from the SIDRA Survey, so as to help you make strategic decisions.

High cost concern for dispute resolution

Unlocking the potential of Third Party Funding in Dispute Resolution Chart
  • Disparity between importance of cost and satisfaction is the largest for arbitration, followed by litigation and mediation.
  • Arbitration users deem cost as important, yet it has the lowest cost satisfaction.
  • Mediation is the most cost-satisfying proposition among the dispute resolution mechanisms.

Third party funding - a solution to cost concerns

Unlocking the benefits of engaging third party funders

Reducing financial risks

  • Minimise financial risks of disputes by reducing, or eliminating, cash investment in ongoing legal cases
  • Protect business from adverse cost risks if the case is unsuccessful

Increasing value propositions

  • Increase profitability by using TPF for legal costs and reallocating the company’s cash for revenue generation
  • Utilise a TPF’s experienced resources to perform case monitoring functions

Key considerations when choosing the right funding partner

  • Resources and experience
  • Proven track record of working
  • Global presence and expertise
  • Progressive approach to designing solutions

Best practices in engaging TPF

  • Gain in-depth understanding of framework

  • Adhere to guidelines

  • Consult with professional experts

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