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At PwC, we partner with our clients to integrate and capitalize on technologies across business units, all while building trust with customers and aligning any transformation with organizational culture. We help enhance analytic capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of products and services - by bringing bold and pragmatic solutions that solve today’s problems while driving results to deliver in an unknown future. More and more, lasting competitive advantage hinges on having the right technology strategy in place to deliver operational excellence, agility, and innovation. And once the strategy is designed, we have the skills and global scale to assist with the design and full implementation.



  • Organization plans to automate a certain process or a field of activity, however, there is no certainty on what kind of solution will fit best and what kind of effect can be achieved (whether the benefit would correspond to the costs incurred).
  • Complexity of the IT landscape becomes the biggest barrier to productivity.
  • Accelerated SaaS (software as a service) adoption, increased use of BYOD (bring your own device), and the relaxation of security controls to enable remote productivity mean significantly increase risks.
  • When it comes to traditional enterprise IT, the need for bridging the IT skill gap arises, in order to complete new technological initiatives.

Solutions offered by PwC

Development of Technical Specification Documentation

Development of Technical Specification Documentation (TSD) and high-level solution architecture.

Application portfolio rationalization

Rationalization of applications can help streamline your existing portfolio by sunsetting unused or duplicated applications, modernizing high-value solutions, and consolidating and integrating applications. And that can help boost efficiencies, reduce complexities, and identify and close critical gaps in your security.

Data analytics

Advanced data analytics (e.g., geospatial).

New IT solutions

Business growth with business process and digital transformation oriented support with consulting to introduce new IT solutions.

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