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More than just doing the right thing

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Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

To achieve our purpose we always work hard to do the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities, and by using our skills to build a more sustainable future. In this context, we see our corporate responsibility both as part of a continuous improvement to our business-as-usual, and of our responsibility to contribute back to the society.

Marios Psaltis, CEO, PwC Greece


Our participation in The Tipping Point: Upskilling students in the Covid quarantine period

The Tipping Point (TTP) is a social enterprise connecting secondary school students with business executives who mentor them in the job descriptions of the modern world. This is done through a digital platform. 

We at PwC Greece are participating in TTP as part of our New world. New skills strategic initiatives. TTP’s mission matches PwC’s purpose, to build trust in society and solve important problems. At a difficult time of Covid eruption and quarantine confinement, we believe that every student in Greece should be able to live, learn, work and participate in the digital world. 

The job descriptions on which we mentor students are consultant and auditor, while we also advise them and create awareness on digital upskilling and community volunteering. 


Honorary news! The Tipping Point was recognized as one of the best practices regarding CR actions. 

Read more in our Global website.

start school of business

START School of Business

Learn. Connect. Innovate

PwC Greece is collaborating across the business, local government and not-for-profit sectors to help the community develop and learn vital digital skills from basic computer skills, to robotics, automation, website creation and advanced seminars in entrepreneurship. 

The goal of START School is to help people of all ages to learn digital skills to help them find employment, create new ideas and enhance the ability of micro enterprises and entrepreneurs to be sustainable in the new digital business world. 

Our professionals delivered seminars to over 100 male and female micro business owners from October through to December 2019.

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Sustainability Report 2020-2021

PwC Greece Sustainability Report is inspired by our Corporate Sustainability strategy and initiatives, the positive impact of our services as well as the results of our people engagement. The report gives a full account of PwC, our purpose, values, our presence and history in Greece, our Leadership and services, while also presenting our corporate sustainability strategy and our performance.

Find our report here


Sustainability Report 2018-2019

Our most significant societal impact comes from the work we do every day supporting our clients across the globe. We believe in sharing PwC’s greatest asset – the skills, knowledge and talent of our people – to build trust, drive change and support the development of communities and society. We focus on education, building the capacity of NGOs and supporting social and micro enterprises.

Our ambition is to invest in the future and growth of 15 million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises all over the world, in order to help them maximise their potential by 2022. We also seek to be responsive and responsible for the impact our work has on people and the planet.

Find our report here


Sustainability Report 2017

Our approach to sustainability is based on two key elements - Being a catalyst for change and Doing the right thing. And we put our vision into action by focussing on four key areas: Responsible leadership; Diversity and inclusion; Community engagement; and Environmental stewardship. We see our Corporate Responsibility as part of a continuous improvement to our business-as-usual, and as part of our responsibility to contribute back to the society.

Find our report here


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