Sustainability Report 2017

Working together to build trust in society and solve important problems

Our purpose drives what we say and do, and in this report we present how we bring our purpose to life through our strategy and actions that demonstrate our sustainable business operation and performance.

Our approach to sustainability is based on two key elements - Being a catalyst for change and Doing the right thing. And we put our vision into action by focussing on four key areas: Responsible leadership; Diversity and inclusion; Community engagement; and Environmental stewardship. We see our Corporate Responsibility as part of a continuous improvement to our business-as-usual, and as part of our responsibility to contribute back to the society.

Our people play key role in our sustainability journey, contributing to sustainable development. In 2017 more than 6.000 hours were devoted to pro bono services as well as training and coaching to startups, incubators, and NGOs. We are very proud that our people are part of our sustainability journey by volunteering their skills to support and develop others.

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