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Responsible business leadership

Responsible Business Leadership is about going beyond ‘doing good’, it is part of our core business strategy. It is about our people's everyday work, not just when they volunteer. Responsible Business Leadership allows our people to use their skills to build systemic change within our communities and society more broadly.

Being a responsible business starts with managing our business with ethics and integrity, guided by our purpose and values. It also means recognising that our responsibilities, and opportunity to influence for positive change, extend into our value chain through the services we provide and the suppliers we choose.

Responsible business leadership means maintaining our Independence which strengthens the confidence of our clients, regulators and the public that we act with integrity and objectivity. It also means building trust and ensuring high standards of ethical behaviour to everything we do through our Quality & Ethics programme and our Code of Conduct.

We also have responsibility to the society in which we operate. Driven by our Purpose, to build trust in society and help solve important problems, our work contributes to the sustainable development of the private sector as well as the public administration in Greece.

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Senior Manager, PwC Greece

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