Are you ready to e-invoice?

Albania is moving from a paper based invoicing system to a real-time e-invoicing system. Procedures for invoicing and declaring VAT are changing.

Forget about the old invoicing procedures and get ready. As of 1 January 2021, e-invoices should be issued for B2G transactions. Whereas, for B2B and B2C (cash) transactions there is a little more time, as the new procedures come into force on 1 July 2021 and on 1 September 2021 respectively.

To issue e-invoices you need an electronic device or a software solution, which enables real-time data delivery to the tax administration system for each e-invoice issued. To ensure compliance, you also need to be well-prepared as a set of new rules have been introduced by the new law on “fiscalization”.    

Check if you are ready. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you know that each invoice will contain a QR code to ensure its identification as well as the NIVF number that will be sent by the tax administration system after the invoice verification process is completed successfully?
  • Do you know that each invoice must contain the operator code as a mandatory element added to the invoice? Do you know how to register the operator? Who can register as an operator?
  • Can a non-resident company apply to register as a software manufacturer or maintainer?
  • Do you know that the method for preparing the VAT books, as well as the VAT returns, will change? How can you declare the VAT books?
  • Do you know the procedure to be followed in case of interruption of the electronic connection? What is the deadline for submitting invoices through a special protocol?
  • How can you register purchase invoices which have not been e-invoiced? If the buyer does not approve the invoice in the system, will this invoice appear in the sales book of the seller?
  • Can one entity engage another entity to perform e-invoicing on its behalf?
  • What is the procedure for e-invoicing imports, corrective bills, and accompanying invoices on transport?
  • Do you know that the cash register must be declared on a daily basis? Who is responsible and what's the procedure?
  • What are the respective penalties if you do not finalize the fiscalization process?


How can we help?

We have a dedicated team well-equipped to assist you on any query you have on e-invoicing, and its successful and timely implementation. We are currently collaborating with a number of software providers to help clients integrate their billing, CRM, ERP systems with the e-invoicing by:

  • reviewing and analyzing current transactions and processes;

  • designing new ERP and billing components to ensure compliance with the new e-invoicing rules and procedures;

  • preparing e-invoicing manuals;

  • training you and your staff to quickly adapt to new processes and procedures;

  • reviewing VAT ledgers and returns to ensure compliance;

  • assisting with getting the necessary approvals for e-invoicing on time. 

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