Civil Society Organisations

What is the public impact of your organisation?

Professional execution while retaining passion

Civil society organisations are one place where changes in society are clearly visible. Charities and development aid organisations, as well as cultural institutions, member organisations and interest groups, are taking important steps in order to continue meeting the needs of society. Which forms of professionalisation will benefit your organisation?

New sources of income

The traditional revenue channels of civil society organisations – donations, subsidies and contributions – are under pressure. This means innovation and renewal are essential. New sources of revenue can be found in partnerships, commercial activities or investment programmes, and each opportunity has its own financial and fiscal consequences. How can you create the very best structure?

Know what you stand for

Enterprise and professionalism are essential factors if you want to maintain existing sources of revenue and develop new ones. The first step involves creating an unambiguous profile and implementing digital tools. Do you possess distinctive characteristics? And do you listen to what your members, donors, target group and others think about your organisation? Now that the Netherlands is transforming into a participation society, effective civil society organisations are becoming increasingly important.

Transparent about impact

The public wants to know how you are performing your social role. Transparent reporting about your impact - the successes as well as the failures – can no longer be ignored. And transparency shouldn't just be something mentioned in reports. Is it engrained into your organisation? In our experience, a result-oriented approach can only be adopted if you offer an insight into your impact.

We are able to assist you

We offer services in the field of accountancy, advisory, legal, tax and HR. Which strategy and internal organisation best supports your mission? We are eager to assist you with ideas! We will analyse your role in the regional ecosystem and work on the agility of your organization. We can help you to monitor your operations and report about the impact of your organisation.

Naturally, we will include the latest developments in our analysis, such as the validation framework and subsidy-related requirements. We can offer advice about the legal, fiscal and financial facets of your activities, and can also perform audits. We work for civil society organisations all throughout the world, with the understanding that a strong sector reflects a healthy society. What is the public impact of your organisation?

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