Local government

How to organise transformation, while tasks continue to pile up and budgets continue to shrink?

Transformation with societal benefits

The trend of regionalisation and economic clustering is challenging local governments to adopt an effective stance. At the same time, due to changes in their tasks (decentralisation), municipalities and Provincial authorities are increasingly being evaluated based on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Both companies and the general public have a wide range of needs, which they can now express easier than ever before due to digitalisation. But they also expect local government to respond with equal speed and flexibility.

How can you organise the required transformation while remaining open to the public, and while tasks continue to pile up and budgets continue to shrink?

We are able to assist you

Our multi-competence proposition consists of the following disciplines: accountancy, advisory, legal, tax and HR. Our specialists will be delighted to work with you in all the above-mentioned areas. We are also able to assist in strategic austerity measures, transformation processes, organisational changes and the development of innovative financial arrangements. We have successfully completed projects relating to outsourcing and collaboration in shared-services organisations (SSO), including legal and fiscal implications and governance. Our innovative comprehensive and real-time audit will offer you the required insight and assurance. And our digitalisation and cybercrime advisers will help you by taking a comprehensive look at matters concerning knowledge-sharing, accessibility and information security.

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