Emerging markets

Emerging markets are diverse in many key senses – geographically, demographically, culturally – but also have some common characteristics, not least the desire to move up the economic totem pole and to develop their financial services industries as an enabler.

We are therefore looking closely at a couple of the following key levers to help our clients understand the challenges and seize the opportunities of the rise of these Emerging Markets:

  • Leapfrogging – assessing the future of financial services and helping our clients capture these opportunities, including through technology;
  • Risk – no financial system can develop sustainably without adopting best practice risk and governance systems and process;
  • Regulation – this is flip-side and natural sibling to our focus on risk;
  • People – everything comes down to a focus on people.

Over the next ten years and beyond, we are set to see fast changes in the payments landscape, building on the accelerating growth in electronic payments and the advent of new and disruptive market players. Given its dynamic nature which often creates challenges as well as opportunities that haven't been confronted by or presented to the developed economies, the emerging markets will be at the forefront of this payments transformation. Our latest report, Emerging Markets: Driving the payments transformation, examines the current state of the payments industry across the emerging markets, identifies key drivers and developments already underway and determines what's required to realise the market potential between now and 2030. 

Please read through our findings and get in touch with our team of specialists.

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