The shortage of teachers and high work pressure call for hard and soft measures

The call for more efficiency in education is great. Understandably and rightly so, because the shortage of teachers is forcing measures to be taken. But no matter how important, in the end working and learning with pleasure are much more powerful tools against teacher turnover and for stimulating new recruits. Digitalization can be used in many areas and with great success. From reducing absenteeism through data analysis to HR optimisation through People Analytics. Think also of reducing work pressure by using new technologies, such as blockchain for diploma validation. But the higher goal must always be that those in front of the board and sitting in the benches feel heard and helped. We help identify the challenges and work to develop the solutions that lead to greater learning — and better futures. 

In addition to the shortage of teachers and the pressure of work, you as a school administrator naturally have more urgent files to deal with. The energy transition also affects the (not always up-to-date) real estate of educational institutions. Internationalisation is topical, due to initiatives abroad and foreign teachers and pupils here. And the level of knowledge of the participation council, digital integrity and privacy also play a role in many organisations. These are all subjects on which PwC can provide you with very concrete and effective support. Whether it's as your institutional accountant, tax consultant, lawyer or adviser, we're happy to help solve the issues that are important to you.

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