Valuation and appraisal: A key to decision making

Considered high-risk/high-reward investments, hospitality and leisure assets may be the most challenging type of property to assess. Combining real estate with an operating business, these properties have high operating leverage and economic sensitivity, and they are management, marketing, energy and capital intensive. Despite this, these assets generally generate favorable long-term yields among institutional-quality real estate investments. Proper valuation requires a combination of strong valuation fundamentals, detailed operational knowledge and real-time access to proprietary competitive trends. These skills represent the starting point for PwC Hospitality & Leisure specialists.

How PwC can help you

Fully dedicated to the hospitality and leisure industry, PwC specialists hold the highest designations in appraisal certification (MAI) and real estate consulting (CRE). Combining financial expertise with industry knowledge, we help our clients understand the issues that underlie value and provide you with comprehensive valuation services. Our extensive range of industry valuation expertise can help you resolve issues involving:

  • Portfolio size
  • Asset size
  • Property use
  • Chain-scale
  • Use of valuation

Offering value to our clients

PwC's hospitality and leisure clients benefit from our responsiveness, efficiency, accuracy, commitment to using the best industry data, renowned research and econometric models, and comprehensive analysis. Whether valuing partnership interests, appealing tax assessments, exercising transactions options or issuing financing, we provide you with sound and comprehensive analysis from which to base critical business decisions. Further, we provide litigation support services for use in disputes requiring expert testimony.

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