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Arben Sulko

Sydney Catholic Schools, Governance Specialist

During a recent conversation, Arben Sulko shared more on his experience at PwC Albania  - while also providing valuable career and leadership advice. 

What were your early years like?

Similar to other fresh graduated friends, I remember there was a lot of insecurity in terms of career path, what kind of job you want to do, what industry you want to work with. Looking back in time I think such insecurity is what motivates you to learn more, to ask for the maximum, to chase the best for yourself and in a blink of an eye, time flies and you find yourself achieving goals and enjoying the work you are doing.

What drew you to PwC?

When I first applied for the job, PwC was in its early years in the local market in Albania. Despite this, its reputation as one of the strongest consulting firms and best career opportunities was undisputable. Back in time I remember I had no doubt when I was told about the role and the professional growth associated with it.

How was your experience at PwC?

Working in PwC was a school on its own. Whether you are looking to enhance your technical knowledge and expertise, build relations or gain confidence in your communication and presentation skills, PwC can offer you that. For me it was a great learning curve, whereby I had the chance to work on multiple projects across different industries and interact with friends and colleagues not only from Albania but all around the world.

Any lasting lessons from your time at PwC?

There is an immense number of tools, sources of information and knowledge you can find and rely upon when working in PwC. My key takeaway is to make best use of each and any of them; be this a training opportunity, client engagement or a chat with your colleagues and managers during lunch break. At the end of the day, everything counts in shaping and developing yourself, both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on your career at this point, what makes you feel the most proud?

While working at PwC you are not only working for a local office based in Tirana, you are working for a global network well established everywhere you go. One of the things that I feel most proud of are the relations and the connections built with a lot of colleagues and friends as well, knowing that even after such a long time, you can always be in touch, give or seek advice whenever needed. It feels great!

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

For me it is essential to put passion, dedication, and accountability in everything that you do. These are core values that I have always tried to share and communicate to my colleagues and team members as a way of continuous development and personal growth.

What do you think is most important in leadership?

Good leadership is about empowering others, giving them the right level of confidence and share with them the required expertise and guidance to achieve shared goals and objectives. It is important to lead by example, be a source of inspiration, motivation, and engagement.  

What helpful career advice can you offer?

Never stop building and investing in relationships. It is amazing how your network of connections can be transformed into a constant source of learning, knowledge and opportunities.

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