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Living & Working in Bangkok
The contents of this guide have been drawn together from the experiences of our expatriate clients and staff over the years and we hope we’ve compiled a useful reference book for expatriates and their families who have recently arrived in Bangkok.
Global Economic Crime Survey 2014
PwC’s 2014 global economic crime survey shows how fraud threatens your business processes, erodes the integrity of your employees, and can tarnish your reputation.
17th Annual Global CEO Survey
Fit for the future: Find out what’s on the mind of over 1,300 CEOs in the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey.
Paying Taxes 2014
Paying Taxes 2014 is a unique study which investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies worldwide, ranking them according to the relative ease of paying taxes.
APEC CEO Survey report 2013: Towards resilience and growth
Find out what's on the minds of Asia- Pacific business leaders
The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2014
While many have made significant security improvements, most companies are still falling behind today’s determined adversaries. Are you relying on yesterday’s security practices to fight today’s threats?
Measuring and managing total impact: A new language for business decisions
Valuing social, environmental, tax and economic impacts means that business is now able to compare the total impacts of their decisions and manage the trade-offs.
Resilience Insights
Explore PwC’s thought leadership on business resilience, a strategic mind-set that embraces preparedness, integrity and opportunity, through times of change and crisis.
Doing Business and Investing in Thailand
This Guide has been prepared for the assistance of those interested in doing business in Thailand or planning to do so.

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