Hiring process

Step 1 – Online application form

If you are eligible to apply for our scholarship opportunities, you will be sent an application form link from your university careers office. To complete this form, amongst other information, you’ll need to document your personal details, your educational background and academic results and involvement in co-curricular activities.

If you’ve received the link to the application form, please take note of the following:

You will need details of the following results when submitting your application:

  • GCE ‘O’ level (or equivalent e.g. IB/IP)
  • GCE ‘A’ level (or equivalent e.g. IB/IP) and/or
  • Year 1 University (Semesters 1 and 2), if applicable

Please note that if you are a Year 1 student, in the university results section of the application form, you will need to enter 'Not applicable' in the core subject field and a 'Pass' in the grade field for both Semesters 1 and 2 in order to submit your application form successfully (refer to the example below):

1) The online application form can only be completed using:Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 & above or Google Chrome version 17 or Firefox version 11 or Apple Safari 5.1.5.
2) It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete the online scholarship application form.
3) Please note that there is no "Save as draft" feature. It is therefore suggested that you familiarise yourself with the information required before commencing.

The Scholarship is open to Singaporean students studying at the local universities. If you are eligible and wish to apply, please keep a lookout for an email communication from your Careers Office with the application form link.

Step 2 – Online psychometric test

If you’re shortlisted for the next round, you will be asked to complete an online psychometric test. The test will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and will centre around testing your numerical, verbal and  logical reasoning ability.

Step 3 - Assessment centre

For candidates that have progressed from the online psychometric test round, they will be invited to participate in a number of activities, including a written test, group case study and presentation.  If you are selected for this round, more information on the activities will be provided to you.

Step 4 – Face-to-face interview

This step involves face-to-face interviews with our Partners. During the interview, we’ll ask you questions about your past experience as well as your motivations and aspirations. The interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more about us so make sure you ask questions about our culture and the type of work you’ll be doing so you can make an informed decision about whether PwC is the place for you.

Step 5 – Offer

If you’ve made it through all the steps, one of our Partners will be in contact to inform you that you’ve been successful in being offered a PwC Scholarship!