PwC Academy - Training Programme 2013

  PwC Tirana with great delight presents you the Training programme for cooperation and providing services for professional education for 2013.

Our proposed services are designed to provide you with a tailorable answer to your specific needs and demands. The education is conducted by high-skilled tutors with long-term experience gained in the areas that are part of our Programme. For detailed information please refer to the enclosed document.

This programme represents the way that PwC Academy can provide a continuous professional education, in combination with local and international experience, at a price that we believe reflects the quality offered.

We would like to point out that the document enclosed represents a general framework for our future cooperation, and we are prepared to discuss and adjust it to your specific demands. 

Please take a look at our Training programme schedule for the upcoming period that includes:
  • IFRS Framework;
  • Revenue Recognition;
  • PPE, Investment Property and Leasing;
  • Financial Instruments;
  • Inventories, Income Tax and Provisions;
  • Business Combinations, Intangibles and Impairments;
  • Consolidation, Investments and Assets held for sale;
  • General overview and Tax procedures in Albania;
  • Corporate Income Tax in Albania;
  • Withholding Tax, Personal Income Tax and Social and Health Security;
  • VAT in Albania;
We would like to thank you in advance and sincerely hope for your positive reply.