Forensic Services

Delivering clarity and confidence. We protect the value of your business and work fast to reduce costs and protect organizational reputation.

Our Forensic Team consists of high caliber professionals with experience and knowledge serves clients across 29 countries in the Eurasia region. We provide broad range of accounting, financial and economic consulting, and expert witness services to clients in BIT claims, construction claims, arbitration, litigation, mediation and other proceedings where parties are engaged in complex investment and business disputes.

Many disputes that PwC becomes involved are international in nature, involving cross border transactions between multinational firms and/or sovereign nations. This has contributed to our considerable international arbitration experience. Our experts are proficient in condensing and interpreting significant volumes of data and explaining complex financial and technical findings in an accessible way. This allows us to communicate clear and credible messages to triers of fact.

Your reputation is important

A company’s success is built on its reputation and the trust of its clients. In a globalizing world, business threats can originate from both outside and within and can strike when you least expect.

When a crisis occurs, you need credible advice you can be confident in quickly. From fraud and corruption allegations to cybersecurity threats, our Forensic Services team will help you investigate, respond to and recover from a crisis. Even better, we can help you reduce risks and vulnerabilities that may prevent them from occurring altogether.

Protect your business value

Each client faces a different challenge and with the business landscape becoming more complex than ever before, we help you prepare, respond and recover.


We assist our clients in taking action to prevent economic crime and disputes in the first place; saving your business from both financial and reputational damage.


Financial, legal and reputational impacts of crises create huge risk to brand, people and the bottom line. We deploy cutting edge forensics analytics to respond rapidly and definitely to address these risks, preventing further damage.


A crisis encourages businesses to really take a look at operations and processes. We work with our clients to not only recover from current crises, but also enhance their ability to bounce back from unplanned events.

How we can help

  • Data search, analysis and safety

  • Recreation of deleted files and decoding of secured data

  • Data consolidation for the purpose of further analysis

  • dentifying fraud risks and developing measures aimed at addressing deficiencies in the control environment and information systems in order to reduce the risks

  • developing and implementing control procedures aimed at reducing the risk of fraud, enabling timely tracing and prevention of fraud in the company

  • vetting potential business partners and addressing conflict of interest situations

  • helping build an effective fraud investigation service capability

  • developing an action plan if fraud has occurred
  • conducting comprehensive integrity due diligence reviews of your business partners
  • automated testing of large numbers of counterparties for a variety of risks, and identifying counterparties with the highest risk level

  • gathering information about your competitors, including during court proceedings

  • collecting and analysing information on corporate and commercial relationships between business partners, as well as identifying potential conflicts of interest


Vitaly Falin

Director, Forensic practice PwC Eurasia, PwC Kazakhstan

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Sergey Sysenko

Senior Manager, Forensic practice PwC Eurasia, PwC Kazakhstan

+7 727 330 3200


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