Create value through ESG

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ESG is a set of environmental, social and governance principles for the sustainable development of a company. ESG criteria are currently used by investors and other stakeholders, as they allow assessing the risks and opportunities for the development of an organisation. Climate change and resource scarcity; safety issues and data security; diversity and equal career opportunities, transparency and ethical compliance practices - these issues affect a company's ability to create value in the long term.

PwC supports companies in their quest to move from theory to practical implementation of ESG principles by helping them develop a specific plan and strategy and implement individual initiatives.

Step into your ESG journey

ESG isn’t just a responsibility of a company but an effective risk management and opportunity for growth. But integration of ESG practice might seem overwhelming. This first step will help you start your journey.

Create value through ESG

Our services:

ESG Strategy

Currently, stakeholders assess a company based on its environmental, social and governance performance, among other things. Thus, it is crucial for the company to demonstrate its action plan and commitment to results.

How can we help?

Materiality analysis
In order to determine which ESG aspects to focus on, we analyse all of the company's operations and supply chain, and consult with its internal and external stakeholders.

Goal setting and KPI selection
We help you select and set specific goals for each strategic ESG area, and identify a set of key performance indicators, which would allow you to monitor the progress, on the basis of which subsequent non-financial information will be disclosed.

We will propose a plan with initiatives for each specific ESG area aimed at achieving the set objectives, which will form the basis of the ESG practice for the upcoming years. Instead of incoherent ideas you will have a structured roadmap with a focus on those projects that will give you the most value.

ESG Management Solution

Transforming your raw and scattered ESG data into valuable assets, ready to be reported.

Our solution helps you to collect ESG data, calculate indicators, set and track ESG KPIs, export reports or preview data in interactive dashboards from across all your entities. It will also facilitate the reporting process, ensure consistent calculations while keeping your ESG data safe and accessible from a single spot. This will help you to be in compliance with ESG regulations, share ESG data with stakeholders and strategically manage ESG performance.
ESG Management Solution

Climate strategy

Net Zero is a fairly ambitious goal for any organisation. Time covered by this strategy can last for many years and requires a systemic transformation of the operating model. We help streamline the process, unleash the company's potential to achieve carbon neutrality and move to specific actions.

How can we help?

Measuring carbon footprint
Identifying the baseline of the company's climate impact for subsequent monitoring. We will help you assess your GHG emissions for all three scopes, and establish a monitoring and reporting system.

Climate risk assessment
Identification and prioritisation of climate risks is conducted using scenario analysis tools. Risk assessment becomes the basis for further strategy.

Goal setting
We will propose specific objectives to reduce your carbon footprint - commitments that the organisation can make and communicate to the public. Science-based approach (SBTi) is also included.

Action plan development
We will propose a plan with initiatives and projects that will help the organisation achieve its climate goals in the medium term. Initiatives will be classified according to the complexity of implementation and the resulting effect. We can also help implement specific decarbonisation initiatives and projects.

Support in reporting
Advice on disclosure of climate-related information. We can also help with the development of a plan for the implementation of TCFD recommendations.

ESG Ratings

ESG ratings evaluate an organisation's performance in sustainable practice, its environmental and social performance, governance and policies, results achieved, and reporting system. We help structure your ESG practice to better meet criteria of ESG rating agencies.

How can we help?

Diagnostics of ESG profile and Gap analysis
We analyse the current level of the organisation's ESG practice in terms of the criteria of the mostly used ESG ratings agencies. We identify current achievements and areas where improvement is needed.

Plan development
We help build a roadmap with ESG projects and initiatives that will help you meet ESG ratings requirements and address current weaknesses in your ESG practice. Initiatives are classified by complexity of implementation and their impact, which helps to highlight the most significant projects as well as identify “quick wins”.

Recommendations on disclosure of information
The quality of ESG disclosure will greatly influence your ESG score. We will assess your current practice and support you in increasing the level of disclosure of non-financial information.

Support in obtaining an ESG rating
ESG ratings are quite diverse. We will help you choose the ones that suit you best, and we will accompany you in the process of working with a rating agency.

ESG reporting

High-quality disclosure of non-financial information is one of the key aspects of the developed sustainable practice. The demand for sustainability reports prepared in accordance with recognized standards is growing from investors and other stakeholders.

How can we help?

Determining a reporting strategy
Developing an approach to reporting: what information to report, how to report and to whom, what standards to use and what requirements to comply with. Analysis of the current quality of non-financial information disclosure and assessment of development objectives, overview of the best practices. Identifying the key material issues.

Development of a report release plan
Formalisation of the business process of report preparation, including control, collection and consolidation of data; determination of deadlines and responsible persons; developing an approach to identifying material topics. We can also help with employee training.

Assistance in the release of the report
Preparation of the final texts of the report based on the information provided. Checking for compliance with selected standards. Design and layout development, and other work related to the report publication.

Assurance of the report
We offer independent assurance of non-financial reporting in accordance with GRI, IIRC, AA1000 and other standards.

ESG Governance approaches

Sustainable development is impossible without the involvement of the board of directors. Effectiveness depends on a corporate governance structure that helps to take into account the interests of stakeholders, on the development of policies and the quality of ESG risk management.

How can we help?

Development of governance system
We will help develop a sustainable governing system, including the development of an organisational structure, the distribution of roles and responsibilities, the development of internal policies and regulations.

Risk management
Integration of ESG risk management into the organisation's risk management system, which will help to adapt the strategy in the future which will be necessary for public disclosure.

A special workshop for senior managers will help with determining priorities in the sustainability area and with the development of a plan for further action.

Sustainability bonds

Sustainable finance trends in global capital markets provide opportunities for financing projects that improve environmental and social impacts.

Based on the example of green bonds issuance, we can provide the following services:

Preliminary assessment and support

We will help to develop the concept of green bonds issuance so that it complies with international standards and requirements, company’s business strategy, and the interests of investors. We will assess company's current ESG strategy and processes, develop a sustainable finance framework and verify it with the help of a third party.

Bonds issuance

We will provide you with support and assistance in issuing green bonds. As part of this service, we will help to attract investors, prepare required documentation, obtain a rating and verification from Climate Bonds Initiative, and organize the issuance process.

Post-Issue and Post-Issue Reporting

Reporting is an important component of a successful green finance process. We will help you prepare reports in accordance with general corporate reporting and conduct impact assessment, including greenwashing. In addition, we can undertake post-issuance assurance of the use of proceeds and provide assurance over the governance processes.

Equal opportunities

Ensuring equal career opportunities for all and combating discrimination is one of the key aspects of sustainable development today. It is also one of the most difficult areas because the risks and issues often remain implicit.

How can we help?

Assessment of the status quo
We will analyse the current human resource management practice in order to identify areas of risk and shortcomings, the elimination of which would help to ensure equal career opportunities. We also review policies and procedures, quantitative indicators, and conduct interviews and surveys.

Action plan development
Proposing initiatives aimed at addressing identified weaknesses and risk areas, including the development or adjustment of relevant policies and statements, and a plan of specific actions to create an inclusion at workplace. We can also propose key performance indicators for monitoring and reporting progress, and objectives for diversity and inclusion programs.

Seminars for managers and employees aimed at creating an inclusive culture, reducing unconscious biases, and establishing ethical behavior among co-workers.

Sustainable finance

The introduction of ESG principles into lending processes is becoming the main direction of sustainable development for commercial banks, since it is the portfolio of borrowers that represents the most significant impact of the bank on the economy, society and the environment.

How can we help?

Sustainable products
We help banks develop green and social products, including both lending and non-lending products. In particular, we develop criteria for sustainable products, support their design, and analyse market prospects.

Negative screening
We will support the preparation of industry statements and policies that describe the bank's restrictions on financing certain types of activities that do not comply with the bank's ESG principles. We will help with the classification of the portfolio by climate risks for reporting purposes and the subsequent development of sustainable financing practices.

ESG scoring
We will develop a system for evaluating borrowers according to ESG criteria, including an information request form, evaluation criteria and methodologies. We will also create a technical solution for effective assessment and management analytics.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an incoming piece of regulation. It requires companies to make extensive, detailed disclosures about sustainability performance and related strategic implications. Disclosures are prescribed by European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

The ESRS are reporting standards for sustainability within the EU that cover a multitude of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics — including climate change, biodiversity, human rights, etc. The primary purpose of ESRS is to enable a simple and logical structure of sustainability information. The standards are an integral part of the CSRD and there are a comprehensive set of 12 ESRS in operation, with more in the pipeline.

The PwC advantage: Why choose PwC for ESG?

Like you, we are committed to the careful management and integration of ESG principles and investments. Our own journey has taught us that it is possible to help solve problems in society and strengthen business at the same time. We have set climate-related goals, implemented ESG principles into corporate strategy, are developing reporting practice, and helping our clients to take practical and meaningful steps towards ESG.

PwC made a worldwide commitment to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2030, including a science-based target that incorporates an absolute 50% GHG reduction. The commitment includes supporting our clients to reduce their emissions as well as reducing those from the PwC network operations and suppliers.

With the release of our FY21 Purpose Report you can learn more about PwC’s commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion; operating responsibly in sustainable ways; and driving a human-led, tech-powered approach.

Global Annual Review 2021

Access Your Potential is our $320 million commitment to help provide technology and financial literacy skills to more than 10 million students from underserved communities.

Our Global Strategy: The New Equation

PwC co-founded and launched CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and since its creation, we’ve grown our coalition to 1,300+ companies and organizations, representing 85 industries and approximately 13 million employees. Most recently, we launched CEO Action for Racial Equity, in which we hope to bring together representatives from our network to work full-time to advance sustainable public policies across America.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Monthly ESG Digest Library

Important news in the ESG area

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Seminar: “ESG factors integration: relevance and approach”

During the seminar, we discussed why ESG is important for investors and regulators. We talked about ESG reporting and ESG ratings. We also covered the key points of the new environmental code.

Conference: “ESG reporting and investors’ perspective”

During the conference, we presented the results of the Rating of ESG information disclosure, and our review of ESG reports of Kazakhstani companies, talked about changing reporting standards, and awarded the best performers. 

We also discussed the expectations of investors, the view of stock regulators, and approaches to the assessment of ESG factors. In addition to PwC experts, experts from IFC, KASE and S&P Global Ratings spoke at the conference.

Conference: “Green finance and debt capital market”

The international approach and trends and the development of Kazakhstani practice in sustainable finance were discussed at an expert conference, which was organised by PwC Kazakhstan in partnership with Halyk Bank and KASE. Conference speakers included European green finance experts from PwC and Strategy&; Halyk Bank, KASE, VTB Capital, Citi, JP Morgan.

Webinar: “EU cross-border carbon regulation”

As part of the webinar, we talked about how the cross-border regulation works, which industries the new requirements apply to, and what is expected from exporters. We discussed issues of calculation of GHG emissions and their verification. We also touched upon international experience in stimulating decarbonisation by providing tax incentives and subsidies.

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