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Remuneration and HR practices Survey

PwC PayWell Kazakhstan 2020

Special addition:

Reward management for stabilization and health of your business

PwC Kazakhstan has been conducting Salary Surveys in Kazakhstan annually since 2006

Salary and Benefits Survey is an annual study of salary policies and practices, including the structure and level of remuneration.

PayWell Report contains:

  • Market data on remuneration of employees:

    - Base pay
    - Variable pay
    - Total compensation
  • Analytical section on benefits and HR practices including some metrics on HR effectiveness
  • Dashboard for the comparison of Company’s data with market

PayWell Bonuses:

  • Free one-day training for one employee from the
    Company on a trending HR topic
  • Key metrics on HR effectiveness from PwC Saratoga
  • Simplified process of filling out questionnaire by downloading data from the ERP system

PayWell industry coverage:

Survey dates for PayWell 2020:


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Tatyana Tsoy

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