MS Excel based automated reporting

The reporting module was formed on the basis of Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic Macros. The module does not require separate installation and is ready for use from the moment you receive the finished module adapted to the needs of your company.

The main advantage of the module is its flexibility and the ability to adapt it to the needs of the user.

Key benefits of MS Excel based automated reporting

Flexibility – formed on the basis of Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic Macros, the module is able to adapt to the specific needs of your company (for example, reporting in different currencies or in different languages).

Cost – one-off payment for adaptation of the module for your needs.

Automated process – increases the efficiency of the reporting process and significantly reduces the risk of errors in the preparation of financial or management reporting.

Learning process – it is enough to be a basic user of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to use the module in everyday work.

Timely reporting – automated transfer of financial data significantly reduces the time for preparation of financial and management reports.

Convenient download and uploading interface – automatic upload of the data from 1C accounting system to the module and automatic preparation of the reports in Microsoft Word format with minimum manual inputs.

Variety of generated reports – the module can generate reports in different currencies and in different languages, making it possible to generate different reports by using the same data.

Video instruction – the user will receive detailed step by step video instruction on how to use the module, which will greatly facilitate the learning process.


Reporting in MS Word – financial and management reports are generated in the format required by the user using the required template.

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