Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Even a single incident of alleged corruption can irreparably damage a company’s reputation and finances, threatening its stability and competitive position.

Our anti-corruption professionals have experience, knowledge, and global reach. They help you understand and respond to anti-corruption compliance in all its phases, even when businesses span many jurisdictions, and are governed by many different regulators.

We help companies investigate alleged acts of corruption as well as design, implement, evaluate and monitor ABAC program.

Our services

Risk Assessment

  •  Understanding potential risk factors
  •  Identifying gaps and potential areas for improvement
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ABAC Program

Evaluating, designing and implementing ABAC compliance program.

ABAC Due Diligence

Identifying potential ABAC risks, as part of certain operations, processes, projects and deals.

ABAC Investigations

Assisting in the investigations of alleged acts of bribery and corruption.

Training Program

  •  Designing and delivering ABAC training programs to equip your team with relevant knowledge and awareness
  •  Tailoring trainings to your industry and business needs
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