Anti-money laundering (AML)

Providing you strategic solutions against AML/CFT threats

Anti-money laundering programs are becoming more complex as the regulatory environment evolves to keep pace with sophisticated money laundering and terrorist financing techniques seen globally.

PwC team brings together a group of subject matter experts with a wealth of experience, qualification, credentials and industry knowledge in AML/CFT Compliance area.

We can help protect your organization from the current and emerging risks in the AML/CFT sphere in a number of ways and areas, such as:

AML/CFT framework

  • Designing/reviewing your internal AML/CFT framework¬†

  • Comparison analysis of the AML system in place with the requirements of applicable legislation and the leading global practices¬†

  • Efficiency assessment of transaction monitoring system, CDD and EDD procedures¬†

  • Mass transaction screening

Independent AML/CFT assessments

Comprehensive AML function assessment performed by the request of third parties (correspondent banks, regulators, etc.)

Tailored training and upskilling

Tailored AML/CFT training differentiating between staff, MLRO and Directors

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