Third-party due diligence

“Actionable intelligence” to inform your most critical decisions

Using legally-vetted methods and proven open source techniques PwC’s Corporate Intelligence professionals identify compliance risk indicators in the public domain to support management’s decision-making.

Our multilingual research analysts draw on technology-enabled capabilities to access millions of publicly available information sources from around the world — from traditional and social media to public records to sanctions/watch lists to industry relationships to the non-indexed web and so much more.

How we can help

Integrity Due Diligence

We help you manage third party, operational, transactional and regulatory compliance risks across your network of customers, distributors, suppliers and employees by deploying tailored investigative procedures and techniques to assess potential risks.

Targeted open source research

  • Asset identification and tracing
  • Connected parties and conflict of interest analysis
  • Social networks analysis
  • Adverse media screening
  • Analysis of litigations,  fines, debts and encumbrances
  • Identification of sanctions restrictions and affiliations with PEPs

Design and execution of due diligence programs

  • Design and build a fit-for-purpose third-party risk management program that protects your organization's operations, brand and market reputation
  • Compare your program maturity against industry peers, regulatory expectations and leading practices to enhance your TPRM program commensurate with the risks posed by your network of third parties.

Mass screenings

Mass screening of counterparties (company, representatives, owners) is aimed at identification of the following risk indicators:

  •  Signs of unreliability
  •  Sanctions restrictions
  •  PEP status
  •  Conflict of interest
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