Fraud prevention

Minimizing fraud risks through carefully planned preventive measures is far more cost-effective than remediation

Companies not only face fraud risks from within, but also when entering into business relationships with new parties, investing in capital projects, or when acquiring another existing business entity. Most responsible and progressive global organizations have decided to conduct proactive Fraud Risk Assessments to assess and manage such risks before problems surface.

Besides conducting fraud investigations, PwC can help organizations to review their fraud policies and procedures, indicate inherent risks, to develop and implement relevant controls and operational changes.

We are equipped to assist you with a broad range of anti-fraud matters, including but not limited to:

Fraud risk assessment

Evaluate your strengths and vulnerabilities, identifying and prioritizing your fraud risk, and develop a sufficient control environment.

Fraud prevention

Design a fraud detection program and fraud management strategy with the right governance, expertise, procedures and controls in line with leading practices.

Fraud detection and recovery

Apply the power of PwC's analytics technology capabilities to implement fraud detection and mitigation measures.

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