Infrastructure Asset Management

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Infrastructure Asset Management

For better control and care of our infrastructures.

Italian infrastructures (motorways, ports and airports) need care to be preserved and maintained over time.

Adequate maintenance requires adequate monitoring, and to do this, all the processes, functions and tools involved need to be optimally integrated.

Organisational integration, together with the integration of technologies dedicated to the supervision of works, is now the main objective of infrastructure asset managers, who are also engaged in the important challenge of complying with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Infrastructure Asset Management is a system based on the following macro-functions:

  • Hierarchical register of georeferenced works also on a digital model
  • Defect cards in accordance with Ministry of Infrastructure’s guidelines
  • Physical inspections recorded by the system and carried out by operators on tablets
  • Dynamic monitoring, made possible through the collection and classification of data acquired from drones, sensors, dynamic weights, accelerometers and any other field technology
  • Combined and integrated activation of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works
  • Reporting for management, business functions and AINOP

The advantages

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  • A flexible tool that can be customised to meet specific needs.
  • Optimise the efficiency of the procedures for monitoring and maintaining the infrastructures.
  • Provides structured and consistent reporting.
  • Ensures the continuous monitoring of the results achieved and the comparison with the budget for all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.

The services offered

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Allows the geolocation, clasterisation and hierarchisation of works down to their elementary components in accordance with the records and data required by the MIT.

Ispezioni e monitoraggio dinamico

Inspections and dynamic monitoring

It allows physical inspections to be carried out using defect cards on tablets, certifying and archiving the results of the inspections for each asset. Allows asset monitoring to be carried out by collecting data from surveillance using field technologies (drones, sensors, dynamic weighing, accelerometer, etc.).

Archivio e anagrafica

Maintenance management

Through integration with the company's ERP and e-procurement systems, it allows ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work to be started, controlling its economic progress and enabling the quick activation of suppliers involved or to be identified.

Ispezioni e monitoraggio dinamico


Through a dashboard of indicators (KPIs), defined on the basis of concession obligations, expected performance levels and sector regulations, customised reporting is structured for management, the company functions involved, and AINOP.

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