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Blockchain Experience Game

Developed to make blockchain technology tangible to everyone

This innovative and engaging game developed by PwC will enable you to understand how Blockchain technology works. This gamification experience can help you better understand the main features of this relatively new technology and how it actually works.

The approach adopted throughout this experience introduces technology complexity in a gradual way, by taking participants through the different levels of the game. Each level is accompanied by the relevant technical explanations enabling each participant to understand the details behind the Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Experience starts with a short introduction to blockchain and an explanation of how the three-hour game will play. The event will close with a co-creation session to explore the opportunities of this emerging technology for your company, and what is the right approach and timeline for blockchain based services.

The rules of the game are simple. You and the other participants become nodes in a blockchain. Together you form the blockchain network in which transactions can take place and in which you record the information in your ledger.

You will experience first-hand the key properties of a blockchain:

  • Exchanging information between many different nodes
  • Validation of the information on each node
  • Achieving consensus across all nodes with no central authority

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Be the blockchain

  • Become nodes in a blockchain network to validate and process transactions
  • Build a blockchain with paper and pen
  • Distribute transactions and interact with decentralised coded business rules
  • What are the functionalities of a blockchain?
  • What are the use cases of the technology?
  • Where do its limits lie?
  • What are the implications for business?
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Number of participants: 3-100
  • Requirements: Room with a screen and tables. 2-4 people per table depending on the number or participants. 

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