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Harnessing the potential of a deal

Change is never easy. However, in today’s fast-paced world, organisations need to be able to innovate, grow and respond to change. Deals are key to achieving your ambitions and driving your business forward.

PwC's transaction services can help you realise the potential of your mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Our extensive industry experience and international networks work to help you succeed from deal initiation to closure.

Successful growth needs creativity, experience, insights and deep relationships, and our experienced team strive to help you create value by understanding your goals.

Potential challenges

Need advice in relation to completion accounts, earn out agreements or warranty claims following a transaction. There may be a lack of clarity in the roles of each party and their advisers in the preparation, review, and finalisation of these accounts or you may need help in preparing for negotiations or submissions to an independent accountant.

Any organisation considering growing by acquisition needs to be very clear about all the assumptions it is making about that deal. It needs to determine a fair value for the target business and to understand and validate the key financial, commercial, operational and strategic aspects of the target. It makes sense to use past trading experience to assist in forming a view of the future and a thorough due diligence exercise is important to confirm that there are no 'black holes'. Once satisfied in these areas, the organisation is likely to need help to implement a bid strategy, structure the deal to minimise risk and to maximise funding and tax efficiency.

When a business is for sale, or selling off one of its parts, it needs to spend time preparing itself for sale and then demonstrate its commercial and financial strength to potential buyers. The sales process needs to be carefully managed to ensure that all the right buyers are aware of the opportunity and all relevant information is made available to the buyer in a controlled manner. Competitive tension between potential buyers needs to be maintained throughout the process if value is to be maximised.

Going public is, in every sense, a transformational event. It requires significant effort and the many different parts of your business to work together towards a common goal. Learn about what you’ll need to consider at every stage, before and beyond your IPO. You’ll need to have a well-thought-out business plan and corporate structure, a compelling equity story, and appropriate governance, financial and IT systems in place. And you’ll need to be ready, from day one, to address new requirements around regulatory compliance, operations, risk management, reporting and investor relations. Each market has its own rules and its own regulatory landscape and risks to navigate.

We provide discreet and confidential advisory services to lenders, creditors, companies and individuals in troubled financial situations. Based on our long and successful track record of restructuring and insolvency, we have the deep industry experience and capability to deal with complex cases. We have a highly experienced corporate receivership team to assist lenders with pre enforcement planning and subsequently accepting the appointment to implement the strategy and maximise the recovery for the appointing lender. We have extensive experience acting as provisional and official liquidator in a variety of cases and sectors maximising recoveries for the petitioning creditor. This often involves investigations and appropriate actions against errant directors and other stakeholders. In addition to court liquidations we regularly carry out creditor voluntary liquidations and can advise in all aspects of preparing for a winding up of insolvent companies.

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How can we help?

We can provide you with solid facts and our opinion on the merits of the deal, based on your decision criteria. Our work enables you to make a realistic and well-informed offer, or determine a realistic and achievable selling price. We also assist you in finding the most appropriate legal and tax structure and negotiating the best terms for the deal, based on a clear understanding of its opportunities and risks. We can provide discreet and confidential advisory services to lenders, creditors, companies and individuals in troubled financial situations. Based on our long and successful track record of restructuring and insolvency, we have the deep industry experience and capability to deal with complex cases. See how we can help for each challenge below:

Disputes and investigations

We can assist you throughout an investigation or dispute process to independently analyse financial and other material to provide factual and specialist analyses and reports of our findings.

Making an acquisition

We can support you in placing a value on the business and in assessing your funding options and deal structure. We can perform comprehensive due diligence reviews including financial and regulatory due diligence, business plan reviews, taxation, and pensions reviews. We assess the reliability of these results to estimate earnings, future cash flows and to identify any issues.

Selling a business

We can perform a valuation of your asset or business and highlighting the key value drivers, perform vendor due diligence that provides comfort to both buyers and sellers, identify the right list of possible buyers and decide on the right marketing strategy, manage the sales process on your behalf and negotiate the best terms and ensure that the legal closing process maximises your proceeds.

Execute an IPO

As an independent advisor we have the people, presence and experience to help you execute your IPO. Once listed, your company will be under far greater public scrutiny than ever before, with a vastly expanded universe of stakeholders and a significantly larger portfolio of new risks, and obligations, to manage.


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