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  • Tax Flash: Amendment of the circular regarding the filing procedures of Country by Country Reports and relevant notifications
  • Legal Flash: New rules for the lawful processing of personal data
  • Legal Flash: Full lifting of capital controls with effect from 01/09/2019
  • Tax Flash: Greece's limitation on deductibility of foreign losses challenged by the European Commission
  • Tax Flash: Central Ultimate Beneficial Owners Register decision amended
  • Tax Flash: Mandatory filing of details regarding all legal and other entities’ beneficial owners – natural persons in the Central Ultimate Beneficial Owners Register is initiated
  • Tax Flash: Incentives to attract significant strategic investments in Greece
  • Tax Flash: Amendments on Greek shipping tax regime
  • Tax Flash: Greece transposes the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive
  • Tax Flash: Incentives for the establishment of Shared Services Centers in Greece
  • Tax & Legal Flash: Corporate transformations reform
  • Tax Flash: CJEU hands down important judgments in Danish cases on beneficial ownership
  • Tax Flash: The Hellenic Cadastre progressively enters its final stage
  • Tax Flash: Supreme Administrative Court: The solidarity contribution falls within the scope of DTTs
  • An insight to the Online gaming in Greece
  • An insight to the Greek Casino industry
  • Tax Flash: Urgent provisions for the submission of Assets Declaration Returns and other provisions
  • Legal Flash: Amendments to the law for Societes Anonymes
  • Tax Flash: Law 4549/2018
  • Legal Flash: Amendments to the Greek Bankruptcy Code, the Law on the Out-of-Court Work Out Mechanism (OCW) and the Law on Non-Performing Loan Management Companies
  • Legal Flash: Amendments to the law for Limited Liability Companies
  • Tax Flash: Mandatory disclosure for intermediaries (DAC6)
  • Tax Flash: Tax provisions introduced in the bill on prior actions
  • Tax Flash: Imposition of more favorable penalties upon issuance of tax assessment acts regarding tax cases up to 31.12.2013
  • Tax Flash: VAT relief on bad debts – ECJ Decision in favour of taxpayers
  • Tax Flash: Guidance on the process of submission and exchange of CbCR
  • Legal Flash: The new labour and social security provisions
  • Tax Flash: Tax flash: CbCR obligations in Greece (Law 4484/2017)
  • Tax Flash: Tax treatment of Trusts and Foundations (Circular 1114/2017)
  • Tax Flash: Determination of the R&D activities qualifying for the 30% super deduction
  • Tax Flash: Ministerial Circular 1057/2017: Interpretative guidelines with respect to corporate restructurings outlined in the Greek Income Tax Code
  • Legal Flash: New social security regime - Guidelines in relation to the social security of freelancers who are engaged from up to 2 clients
  • Legal Flash: Law 4387/2016 - Guidelines in relation to pending matters of social security law regarding freelancers and special categories of employees
  • Tax Flash: Law 4446/2016 - Bankruptcy Code, Administrative Justice, Duties, Voluntary Disclosure of Income of previous years, Electronic Transactions, Amendments to L. 4270/2014 and other provisions
  • Tax Flash: European Commission proposes Corporate Tax Package
  • Tax Flash: New ministerial decisions issued following the enactment of the new Incentive Law (4399/2016)
  • Tax Flash: Automatic exchange of information on tax matters
  • Tax Flash: Tax and Customs provisions
  • Legal Flash: Law 4403/2016-  Incorporation of the articles 19, 20, 29, 30, 33, 35, 40 up to 46 of the Directive no. 2013/34/EU in relation to annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings
  • Tax Flash: New Investment Incentive Law
  • Tax Flash: New Tax Bill - Individuals income taxation
  • Tax Flash: New provisions in the field of both direct and indirect taxation
  • Legal Flash - Law 4387/2016: Summary of the reforms to the social security system
  • Tax Flash: Law 4378/2016
  • EU Direct Tax Newsalert: European Commission presents EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Package
  • EU Fiscal State aid: A briefing document
  • EU Direct Tax Newsalert: - EU Commission final decisions in Starbucks and Fiat State aid cases
  • Tax Flash: Law 4337/2015
  • Tax Flash: Law 4336/2015 
  • Tax Flash: Law 4334/2015
  • Tax Flash: Ministerial Circular 1142 - 2/7/2015 - Clarifications on Greek transfer pricing rules
  • Payment of tax liabilities during the bank holiday
  • Tax Flash: Ministerial Circular 1113/2015
  • Tax Flash: Voluntary Disclosure 28/5/2015
  • Tax Flash: Draft  Ministerial Decision regarding the application of the article 21 of L.4321/2015 has been released for public consultation
  • Tax Flash: Incentives for tax penalty write off
  • Tax Flash: Summary Table 2014
  • Tax Flash: Law 4321/2015
  • Tax Flash: Ministerial Circular 1056/2015
  • Tax Flash: Ministerial Circulars 1037/2015, 1039/2015 and 1042/2015
  • Tax Flash - Ministerial Circular 1032/2015
  • Tax Flash - The new Greek GAAP
  • Tax Flash - Extension of application of the Special Solidarity Contribution
  • Tax Flash - Guide to Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)
  • Tax Flash - Acceleration of credit balance refund without audit - October 2014
  • Administrative Simplifications - Terminations, Mergers of Legal Persons and Services of Public Sector - April 2014
  • New provisions on commercial leases - Law 4242/2014: March 2014
  • New Income Tax Code and Uniform Tax on the Ownership of Real Estate Property
  • Legal Flashes

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