Enhancing value for your M&A transactions


Tax is an intricate part of M&A transactions. It is often associated with risks and exposures as investors look to manage their downsides. But tax can unlock opportunities and add significant value for the business.

Every transaction has unique tax attributes that ought to be identified at an early stage. Careful planning is required especially when:

  • Significant debt is involved;
  • Acquiring a business with intellectual properties of significant value;
  • Structuring an investment in unfamiliar territories;
  • Integrating a newly acquired business with existing operations;
  • Building a financial model for a target in diverse geographical locations;
  • Resolving complex tax issues that are assumed during a share deal;
  • An eventual exit is contemplated.


With the increasing complexity in the deals environment, PwC Singapore’s specialised M&A tax team is ready to partner with you in your next investment.

How PwC can help you

Our dedicated M&A team, consisting of full time specialists, can help achieve the optimal tax solution for your business model. The team has in-depth experience of both inbound and outbound transactions and managing numerous projects across the region.

We help you achieve the following:

  • Identify and manage acquisition or merger risks associated with each transaction by carrying out pre-acquisition or pre-sale due diligence;
  • Conceive and implement effective and tax efficient cross-border strategies for your proposed investment when negotiating with a vendor or buyer;
  • Optimise the tax efficiency and cash flows of your structure;
  • Assist in post-deal integration to help realise the tax benefits and synergy as a result of the transaction.