Post Deal Services

Overall deal activity for financial service institutions in Asia Pacific region has continued to grow over the past 12 months and indications point to a vibrant period ahead. But how can organisations be sure that they are gaining the expected benefits? PwC’s post-deal services and operational solutions team ensures that transactions are handled with speed, focus and attention to detail. As a result, opportunities and problems are clearly highlighted and steps can be taken to address these quickly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on your core business.

If this is your situation

  • Your deal is not delivering the value forecast for them and you are wishing to understand the reasons behind this
  • You are integrating an acquisition and you are concerned that it will consume valuable time and resources, detracting from the focus on your core business
  • Your transaction has been completed but it is slow to bed down and create the value or deliver the benefits that were projected for it
  • You have issues with employee management and cultural alignment of the organisations
  • Your deal is not delivering the potential value forecast when originally put together
  • You are having difficulty in managing all aspects of the integration and the associated complexity of the change
How PwC can help you
PricewaterhouseCooper’s dedicated team works on-site to help manage the changes that a deal generates in an existing business.

Our services include:
  • Focusing on all areas on the deal lifecycle, with the ability to perform specific roles and analysis as well as overall management of the process
  • Assisting in taking control by quickly assessing immediate concerns of an acquirer and providing an integration plan in order to address them over the first 100 days, thereby promoting momentum and minimising the disruption to the business
  • Carrying out post-deal reviews, generally undertaken after six to 12 months in order to establish whether the initial objectives of the deal have been met and, if necessary, to identify how to get it “back on track”
  • Taping our broad knowledge of HR issues to give practical advice on employee management, especially in cross border transactions. We help our clients to navigate through the wide variety of employee programmes used and help them choose the best programmes to achieve all potential synergies