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Against a background of heightened risk, market and regulatory pressures, financial services organisations are striving to grow and enhance shareholder value.

Customer needs and expectations are evolving in the face of increasing personal wealth, an ageing population and the desire for ever more accessible and personalised financial products and services. Intense competition has squeezed industry margins and forced companies to cut costs while enhancing the quality of customer choice and service.

As financial services organisations strive to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, the war for talent is intensifying. Risks mount as products become more complex, organisations more diffuse and the business environment ever more uncertain. At the same time, regulation is tightening in the wake of public and government pressure for improved governance, transparency and accountability.

In this environment, the winners will be companies that can turn the challenges into opportunities to build stronger and more enduring customer relationships; sharpen process efficiency; unlock talent and creativity; use improved risk management processes to deliver more sustainable returns; and use new regulatory demands as a catalyst for strengthening the business and enhancing market confidence.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers has a global network of specialists who can help financial services organisations turn challenges into opportunities in key areas of your business .

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