Think On Your Feet ® For Finance Professionals

Techniques to present ideas with Clarity, Brevity and ImpactTM

  • Have you been asked to summarise a technical report into a 3-min concise and brief verbal update during a meeting?
  • Have you been in a situation where you needed to answer important questions on the spot and you were not able to find
    the right words or the right structure to present it well?
  • Have you had problems getting your ideas across to your peers and your superiors in a structured way when it mattered

In today’s fast-paced business environment characterized by information overload and high opportunity costs for time, getting your ideas across clearly, concisely and persuasively – even if you have little or no time to prepare – is a skill financial professionals can’t do without. “Think on Your Feet®” will equip you with these skills that are a must as finance professionals: clarity, brevity and impact in communicating your ideas.

The “Think On Your Feet®” program has achieved worldwide recognition as one of the most original and useful communication workshops taught today. It has been conducted throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. “Think On Your Feet®for Finance Professionals” is a powerful adaptation specially designed for finance professionals who have to communicate financial facts and figures.

“Think On Your Feet® for Finance Professionals” is based on a highly interactive program that teaches the art and science of conveying convincing, confident and memorable ideas. It provides recipes for reasoning to dramatically improve oral communication skills, particularly the ability to handle questions, contribute to meetings and prepare tailored talks.

Benefits and Objectives

As a productivity tool, the techniques save an estimated 50%-90% of preparation time for communicating, some types of reports and memos. The workshop will teach you a simple principle: Clear speaking is clear thinking. By focusing on an individual’s ability to think quickly and clearly, “Think On Your Feet®” dramatically improves oral communication skills.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Be clear, convincing and memorable when speaking to management, clients, peers and other stakeholders
  • Be structured when speaking, dealing with difficult questions or when being put in a spot
  • Be able to put your thoughts in a clear and structured way to ensure that you make an impact

This workshop is highly interactive and is therefore limited to 20 seats only.
Workshop Materials: Workshop Manual, Learning Aids, Handouts.

Program Outline

  • Thinking and Speaking Clearly
  • Getting to the Point and Being Remembered
  • Outline longer Presentations in Half the time
  • Integrating Left and Right Brains for Structured Improvisation
  • Organising Information in Chronological Order
  •  Using Geography and Places As Your Organising Framework
  • Dividing Information into Well-Defined Facets or Aspects
  • Handling Questions Quickly and Coherently
  • How to Broaden or Narrow Your Listener’s Perspective
  • Analysing Topics in Terms of Two Extremes Leading to a Compromise
  • Presenting Proposals, New Products or Services
  • Targeting Your Answers to Your Listeners’ Core Concerns
  • Use ‘Bridging’ Techniques to Clarify Questions and handle Tough Questions

Who Should Attend

  • Financial Controllers, Finance Managers, Accountants and Accounting Officers.
  • Anyone whose effectiveness depends on reaching others through the spoken word.


16 to 17 May 2013
9.00am to 5.00 pm


S$895 - PwC Clients/alumni 
S$965 - Public

Fee includes seminar kit , refreshments, lunch and 7% GST.
More information about the seminar, including registration details, is available in the flyer > Download