Graduate Recruitment


The opportunity of a lifetime

Download our 2017 graduate & school leaver opportunities brochure to find out more about a career with PwC

Starting your career at PwC means that you're likely to join with a number of other graduates. So, not only do you build very strong networks and make lasting friendships, but you're one part of a wider group going through the same experiences. Teamwork is very important in every piece of work we do, because we draw on everyone's knowledge and skills to ensure that all the work we deliver is of the highest quality. This means you'll work with some truly inspiring people, learn from them and, in turn, share your own insights - all contributing to the growth and success of your career and the firm as a whole.


In your first two to three years you’ll focus on getting a good balance of business, personal and technical skills. For many, working towards a professional qualification will be part of your technical skills training. You may experience different methods of learning, as we appreciate that people like to learn using different techniques, and benefit from the flexibility this brings. Methods range from classroom courses, e-learning and remote study supported by online learning tools. All are designed to help you build the skills and knowledge you need to pass your exams on your first attempt. It’s worth knowing, we have excellent pass rates, usually well above the professional bodies’ pass rates.

We understand working towards a professional qualification is a significant commitment and requires self-discipline and motivation. You will have access to a strong support network which will include - your people manager, external tutors and your peers. All of them will be familiar with what you’re going through, as they’ve experienced it as well.

Studying can be tough - but we’ll be right behind you with financial support and access to first-class tuition. What’s more, you’ll continually apply what you learn in your studies to your work - reinforcing your know-how and gaining an edge in the exam hall.

After you qualify, you'll have the chance to broaden your experience. Whatever you do, you’ll take on more responsibility - building and developing your existing skill set. You will be supervising team members of your own and you will have become a well-rounded business adviser, enjoying a real career head start.


Everyone is different and we’ll make sure you have the support, guidance and advice you need. You’ll start having constructive and informative one-to-one conversations about your development goals at an early stage of your career.


Everyone has strengths and developments. The important thing is to know what they are so you can build on your strengths and address your areas for development. Through regular structured and ‘on the spot’ feedback, coaching and formal learning, we help you do both.

You’ll have hands-on work straightaway. It’s investigative work that often involves one-to-one meetings with financial controllers and finance directors, and you’ll need to be tenacious and resilient to do it well. And as finance is at the centre of every organisation, you'll learn constantly about how different businesses operate. You'll be looking through records and also help to put together reports on the controls and systems you have seen at our clients covering a wide range of industries and audit areas including customers, suppliers and bank statement reconciliations. If you’re an individual with intellectual agility, drive and resilience, you will most likely excel in our business.

The more experience you get, the more responsibility you’ll take on – from planning and carrying out your own audits as well as for coaching junior colleagues.

Not only do you study for an internationally respected business qualification, you also get plenty of variety and excellent development opportunities throughout your career. You'll quickly develop excellent communication, project management, business awareness and coaching skills.

You’ll need to manage your time effectively when you start. This is vital in helping you make sure you get the best from your technical, business and personal effectiveness and skills training. You’ll constantly be learning. During your induction especially, there’s a lot of information you’ll need to take in — meeting new people, getting to know our business, and our culture — are all just the start. For those of you taking a professional qualification, this can be demanding, so make sure you think about the points listed below:

  • Dedicating your time to work and study — compared to university, it's a different ball game. You’ll need to do consolidation and revision outside normal course hours. Make sure you find the most productive places to revise — whether that's at home, in the office or in the library and/or on your own or with peers. Whatever works for you!
  • During studies — your tutors will regularly update the firm and your people manager on how you’re doing during your course or learning programme. This means we can spot early on if extra help and support are needed.

Remember, a Professional Qualification opens up a world of possibilities. It requires lots of hard work and dedication on your part. But invest the time and effort now, and the extra knowledge, self-confidence and personal credibility you’ll gain once you’ve completed your training will pay huge long-term dividends.

What we’re looking for:

We want to hear from the most talented all-round graduates. We would like to hear from those that have outstanding academic achievements, gaining at least 300 UCAS points excluding General Studies, or a minimum of 32 International Baccalaureate points and if you are a graduate, predicted at least a 2:1 degree. We also want team players, creativity, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility and a natural intellectual curiosity and appetite that will drive a business career.

We also look for evidence that potential applicants seriously considered the profession before they apply. We encourage anyone considering the industry to consult the Chartered Accountancy Institute website. This is a superb resource in finding out about what opportunities are available and the level of commitment required to get through any future professional exams.

  1. Application Form — We want to see your academics but also provide evidence of other non-academic achievements, hobbies and interests. We are as interested in your character and compatibility with PwC as we are in your academic ability.
  2. Attending an Interview — We like to see confidence and an ability to communicate effectively. We understand that interviews can be nerve-racking but we would encourage you to just relax and be yourself.
  3. Psychometric tests — These basic tests help us gain an understanding of your core skills and abilities, and will usually take the form of a numerical reasoning test in which we can identify specific strengths or areas for development. We will contact you in advance to arrange a convenient time for you to come in and sit the tests. The results will then be analysed and factored into the decision-making process. Although the results are not definitive, we would encourage you to prepare in advance if for example you have not studied a maths-related degree or A-level. Try some sample questions plus tips on the best way to prepare at
  4. Receive an offer — This will either be made in the form of a letter and you could possibly receive this by email.

You then can look forward to starting an extremely rewarding and exciting career with PwC. We wish you all the very best of luck!

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the HR team and they will help in dealing with your requests or questions.

Annually in December we host an Insight Event where we invite anyone interested in a career in accountancy with a professional services firm to join us and talk informally to members of our team and to have the opportunity of gaining an insight into life at PwC.

During this session, you will meet our graduate trainees currently employed by the firm who will share their experiences with regards to their professional studies and discuss their time working within PwC.

You will also get the opportunity to meet with qualified members of the firm and speak to partners who will also share their experiences with you so you can really get a deeper understanding of what it is like to work at PwC, and to help you make a decision about your future career.

PwC also has an energising social aspect to the firm with several events scheduled throughout the calendar year which are organised by our social committee. We also share experiences of our PwC Summer of Sport initiative which includes sports such as football, hockey, cricket and other events aimed to raise money for local charities.

PwC aspires to be an employer of choice and as such selects people who are passionate and driven towards their chosen career. We are looking for future employees who are motivated and committed to their chosen profession and this will always stand out during an interview. To help us assess a person's motivation and commitment, we focus on students with an excellent academic track record and students who are able to show how they have used their initiative and team-working skills before and during their years at university.

If you are interested in coming to our Insight Event, please contact our HR department. We look forward to hearing from you!