Human-led, tech-powered solutions for a secure digital world

Securing your cyber future

Safeguarding your business isn’t just a responsibility. It’s a mindset and an opportunity. Today, more than ever, it’s vital to be cyber-ready for whatever comes next. As more data is generated and shared, it becomes the lifeblood of our interconnected business ecosystem, making it increasingly valuable for organisations — and for skilled threat actors. Every day, digitisation raises an increasing risk of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, unlike any we’ve experienced before. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to embrace transformation and develop an effective and agile approach to cybersecurity and privacy.

At PwC, we work as a community of solvers, coming together in unexpected ways, to help you stay ahead of the curve. We bring an innovative combination of expertise and technologies. The imagination to see things from different perspectives. And the integrity to filter it through unwavering objectivity. We bring this way of thinking to every challenge – and every business transformation. This is how we build trust and create sustained outcomes.

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Focus on a better cyber future

Build trust for today and tomorrow

Drive toward new ways of building trust and delivering transformation across your business ecosystem — with a combination of innovative mindsets, confidence for your stakeholders and the right technologies that put cybersecurity and privacy at the core of your business.

Work toward a future that is human-led and tech-powered

How and where work gets done is being reimagined. Is your tech ready for this? To be prepared and resilient, your cybersecurity and privacy team needs to protect critical assets like data and applications that support your employees, clients, business, and reputation.

Create value and drive sustained outcomes

Invest in cyber, data security, and privacy solutions that will enable you to secure your business. Meeting digital disruption head on, stay on top of threats, and capture the benefits of digital transformation.

How we can help

Cyber threat intelligence

Today’s cybersecurity challenges are unlike any we’ve experienced before and, as we can see in PwC’s 25th annual global CEO survey, it is also the number one threat CEOs are concerned about. That’s why we deliver an innovative combination of human ingenuity and technologies to assess the global threat landscape — committed to helping you protect everyone, and everything, you care about. 

Explore how to protect your company against disruptions and data losses.

Cybersecurity strategy, risk, and compliance

Strategically reduce cyber risk and build resilient operations

To adapt and grow in a challenging environment, you need a transparent and accurate view of cyber risks that gives clarity on the decisions that matter. We can help you strategically reduce cyber risk and build resilient operations by assessing your cyber security maturity and building a principles-based governance framework. Our data-driven approach to risk measurement and reporting ensures you continue to get actionable insights that support your business objectives.

Cybersecurity incident and threat management

Provide you practical support to prepare for and respond to a cyber incident

Any organisation can fall victim to a cyber incident or crisis. The organisations that respond and recover most quickly and successfully are those that have prepared in advance and have the expertise and structure to guide them through such exceptional circumstances. We can provide you practical support to prepare for and respond to a cyber incident, helping to ensure business continuity while any recovery efforts take place.

Information governance and privacy

Use governance frameworks powered by advanced technology to know, organise and control your information

Companies are buried under a growing mountain of information. Leaders are struggling to find the right balance between enforcing compliance, providing flexibility to encourage innovation, and giving employees access to the right information at the right time.

Now is the time to get data governance and privacy right. It can be done through cross-functional collaboration using tech-enabled tools, orchestrated by a data-savvy leadership team. 

Our community of solvers is here to help you take control. With PwC’s information governance solution, we can work together to develop a sustainable information strategy and use advanced technology to identify, organise, and control your information.

Cybersecurity implementation

Efficiently integrate cybersecurity technologies into your business

Business leaders want to focus on opportunities that will move their business forward, yet these opportunities are often mired in complex cybersecurity technologies. We can help you efficiently integrate cybersecurity technologies into your business, manage them to deliver continuous operational improvements, and increase return on your investments.

Cybersecurity and privacy managed services

Providing you with the agility to help tackle routine matters before they expand

It is critical for organisations to operate and maintain effective and efficient cybersecurity and privacy operations, while ensuring that it is being well-managed and cost-controlled. Our human-led and tech-powered solutions can help you operate, enhance, and enable an industry leading operations function, providing you with the agility to help tackle challenges using real-time industry and market intelligence.

Cybersecurity for mergers and acquisitions

Clarity on the decisions at each stage and mitigating risks while maximising your returns

Cyber security can have a significant impact on business value across the lifecycle of an investment. Our deals team can provide clarity on the decisions that need to be taken at each stage of the process, helping identify and mitigate risks while maximising your return on investment.

Incident Rapid Retainer Response

The new "Cyber Incident Rapid Retainer Response" service offered by PwC aims to reduce the response time to cybersecurity incidents, starting from the initial critical moments. 

The new approach designed by PwC's teams offers 360° security by addressing policies, procedures, governance, technological aspects and customised training to suit the client's needs.

Explore how to respond to cyber incidents

Build trust through trusted practice

When it comes to cybersecurity, you don’t want to take any chances. Our cybersecurity and privacy practice has been recognised as an industry leader by two independent analysts.

Digital trust insights

2024 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey

Despite the enthusiasm and budget allocation on cutting-edge security programs, actual progress is slow, if not stagnant. Both the costs of breaches and the number of costly breaches for organizations continue to rise relentlessly. Although cloud attacks are the main concern in cyber.

Explore the findings

The Leadership Agenda 

Sharp, actionable insights curated to help you work towards a future that is human-led and tech-powered. Learn how to prepare for the metaverse, understand how simplifying processes and systems can help reduce cyber vulnerabilities and why being digital is no longer enough.

Explore now

PwC has established a combined NIS2 capability, developed through our communities of Cybersecurity, risk management, incident response, governance, compliance and legal specialists.

These communities have been brought together to form a team of over 150 experienced professionals across EMEA, focussed on supporting our clients with the NIS2 Directive. We are supporting our clients in understanding the relevance of the NIS2 Directive to their organisation; their own ability to meet the requirements or identify where gaps exist, along with supporting them in achieving compliance with the regulatory requirements both local and at EU-level in a proportionate and cost effective manner. If you are interested in discussing this further with us, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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