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To support effectively the learning experience in the retail sector we have developed a connected solution with SAP SuccessFactors. Retail experience Play is a PwC retail specific asset dedicated to help retailer moving their training need to the digital world, based on SAP Success Factors. the market leading cloud based solution for HCM. 

SAP SuccessFactors is fully integrated with the SAP Intelligent Suite, and is designed to provide companies of all sizes with the ability to easily connect their people strategy with business outcomes. The PwC’s Retail Experience Play solution can include specific learning and training path for different role (e.g. Experienced- Newly hired Sales Associate, Experienced- Newly hired Store Managers). With the introduction of Retail Experience Play, we are creating a purposeful bridge between cloud innovation, industry best practices and a bespoke experience for retailers to quickly and efficiently develop skills in the flow of work.


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In order to foster customer focus and culture of recognition, product and brand awareness, PwC Retail Solution provides engaging learning events geared to the employees, extends learning with topic based communities, facilitates collaboration on individual and group goals and performance, encourages participation through digital motivation, supports blended learning by combining formal and informal learning, makes learning accessible anytime and anywhere: all your retail training is one click away. 

The tool makes easy to find any training journey, based on your experience and role in store, to deliver better product knowledge, to correct selling behaviors aligned to corporate standard and values, to engage learner enhancing  collaboration, mentoring and product training, riche media, video and gamification. Moreover our tool enables social engagement, supports fast on-boarding and facilitate product knowledge with product SME contribution in your community.


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