IFRS Reporting

Guiding you through the stages of the IFRS lifecycle


Companies move from their current accounting framework to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for many reasons. What is common to all is the need to look at the options available, the consequences of those options, and understand how the transition to IFRS will bring economic benefits.

We help companies understand the implications of accounting changes and the wider challenges that adoption of new reporting standards bring to a business. Our IFRS specialists help our clients stay ahead of developments from the standard setters and guide companies through every stage of the IFRS lifecycle.

Potential challenges

IFRS Reporting challenges you and your business might be facing:

  • Understanding the measurement changes affecting financial instruments
  • Impact on reported key performance measures, calculation of KPIs and remuneration schemes
  • Systems and controls to capture reporting data
  • Understanding and prioritising the key accounting changes and options
  • IFRS trained staff

How can we help?

We can help you prepare for IFRS through: 

  • Project management support
  • Technical and accounting advice and support tools
  • Advice in relation to accounting and reporting in complex areas such as financial instruments, employee benefits and share compensation schemes, and tax
  • Learning and change management support
  • Business combinations – purchase price allocation
  • Valuation and impairment testing
  • Processes, data and systems

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