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Does your reporting measure up?


Building and maintaining trust has never been more important and more challenging. How business operates and what drives success are being transformed. At the same time, what customers, suppliers, employees, governments and society in general expect from business is changing. This is having an inevitable impact on what information management need to generate and what they need to communicate externally.

Reporting is evolving. It’s hard to keep up. But leading-edge companies are gaining a competitive advantage by integrating their internal and external reporting to give a clear view of their performance (financial and non-financial) and strategic aims.

We can help you to understand your reporting requirements, build an integrated reporting strategy and deliver the information your stakeholders require.

Potential challenges

Your corporate reporting is what stakeholders use to make decisions about your business. Good corporate reporting provides stakeholders with the information they need to make these decisions and they want assurance that what is reported is a true reflection of reality.

Common business challenges include:

  • You need to respond to demands to report principal risks and uncertainties and key performance indicators externally
  • You want to know how your company's corporate reporting compares to your competitors or current good practice
  • You want to develop the narrative reporting content of your annual report in line with current best practice guidance
  • You want to develop transparent corporate reporting

How can we help?

We can help with your corporate reporting by:

  • Helping management understand regulatory narrative reporting requirements and how best to respond
  • Providing management with an understanding of current and best practices in narrative reporting
  • Challenging management to develop an integrated reporting strategy that meets the needs of both internal decision-makers and principal stakeholders
  • Assessing your external communications against regulatory requirements and current best practice and benchmark against external peers


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