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We work with organisations to address complex challenges across the Caribbean including multi-lateral and bi-lateral funding agencies, governments, international NGOs, foundations and the private sector.  We are at the forefront of cutting edge development initiatives including digital transformation, capacity building, organisational redesign and change management. In addition, we work closely with our clients on issues that impact the region, supporting justice reform, anti-corruption, climate change and disaster resilience programmes, to name a few. 

With over 743 offices in 157 countries and over 250,000 staff, including more than 1,200 in the Caribbean, when it comes to finding powerful solutions to complex, multi-stakeholder problems, few organisations have a stronger track record than PwC. We bring our expertise, experience and harness the power of our global network, to help reduce poverty, improve health and education and create a more equitable and prosperous world.

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We combine our specialist expertise in strategy, programme design and delivery, funds administration, monitoring and evaluation and anti-corruption with detailed local knowledge to deliver solutions with measurable long term impact, help our clients achieve their goals, and benefit local communities. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the areas in which we work.

  •    People


    We help governments, foundations and private companies to deliver on the global healthcare challenges of today. We support all aspects of the health continuum, including harnessing the latest science and information technology, improving operations, administration, and health policy and managing large international health funds.


    We help our international development clients to create strategies to deliver education policy and programmes, improve finance and operations effectiveness, support technology enabled transformation, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

    Gender and women’s empowerment

    We support projects which aim to create safer, stable, and more prosperous societies by including women more fully in political and economic processes, increasing financial and digital inclusion, and reducing sexual and gender based violence.

    Leave no one behind

    The dignity and rights of the individual and reaching those who are the furthest behind, is fundamental to the post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. We place the "leave no one behind" concept at the heart of our work adopting approaches which seek to address social, economic and political exclusion, include the most marginalised in society, and respect human rights.

  •    Planet

    Food security

    Food security and agricultural development are at the top of the political agenda. We help governments to formulate comprehensive food security strategies looking at risks and exposures, changing food supply/demand dynamics and assessing plans to address challenges.

    Water and Sanitation

    We bring an in-depth understanding of industry and user issues, and how to tackle global water challenges, from addressing demand and scarcity, to water quality, wastewater discharge and pollution, and water related crise.


    We are leading advisors in agribusiness and work with private, public and multilateral agencies, on agri-business planning, supply chain management, value chain assessment, investor/partner search, implementation support, technical due diligence and transaction services.

    Climate change and disaster resilience

    We are at the forefront of designing policies and investment strategies for low carbon and green growth planning. We are also a leading advisor on sustainable forestry and land use, and advise clients on how to be climate resilience, and mitigate climate vulnerability risks.

  •    Peace

    Defence, security and justice

    We advise on defence, security and justice reform in fragile states. We support governments to establish effective national security frameworks and strategies, provide clear direction and oversight of security sector institutions, and build capacity to prevent crime, and protect and serve citizens.


    We stimulate informed debate on public services and make effective, practical contributions to creating accountable and effective institutions. We do this by building capacity to deliver more responsive and inclusive public services which deliver value for money, increasing transparency and accountability, improving public financial management and tackling corruption.

    Crisis response

    Whether it be natural disasters, humanitarian crises, or infectious diseases we help governments, international organisations and the private sector prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises. We have global response teams who specialise in crisis response, governance and financial management, supply chain and logistics management, health, infrastructure and risk management.

  •    Prosperity

    Domestic Resource Mobilisation

    We work with governments to maximise their own domestic revenue and leverage it for economic growth. We support tax policy, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of revenue collection systems, stemming illicit flows, tackling tax evasion and avoidance and maximising the benefit of remittances.

    Inclusive growth

    We focus on inclusive business initiatives for large multinationals, donors, social enterprises and governments which support equity, equality of opportunity, and protection and allow all people to contribute to and benefit from economic growth.

    SMEs and Micro Financing

    Micro, small and medium sized enterprises are the largest employers in many low-income countries. PwC supports capacity building of SME clusters and micro financing institutions, strategy development, SME cluster financing, private sector development, market assessment, programme evaluations, impact studies and statistical analysis.

  •    Partnerships

    Innovative Financing

    We support the development of effective financing strategies to harness ODA, domestic resources, private investment, and philanthropy in support of development objectives and financing challenges. We work with governments to leverage investment, sovereign wealth and pensions funds, and mobilise blended finance.

    Public Private Partnerships

    We leverage the power of PPPs to complement public resources, and create innovative solutions around economic and physical infrastructure for development. We support successful PPPs and help to plan and shape programmes which combine engineering and finance skills to manage and deliver large scale capital projects.

    Impact investing

    We have dedicated corporate ventures teams who provide advice on strategy, structure (tax and legal) and mergers & acquisitions, as well as impact investment teams who work with donors and investment funds to generate measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.


    Capital projects require specialised support across many of the variables critical to their success, such as financing, management, and governance. We assist donors to plan, manage and deliver large scale capital and infrastructure projects. Infrastructure projects, combining engineering and finance skills across the full asset lifecycle.

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