Regionalisation is nothing new to the Caribbean insurance industry. It started over 3 decades ago when Caribbean insurers took their first steps outside of their home territories or formed cross-border alliances and trade associations. Today, the region's insurance industry is a challenging environment. Regulatory change is everywhere, trading blocks are changing with the advent of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy and The Free Trade Area of the Americas and competition is fierce and relentless.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has always taken a special interest in the insurance industry and, because of their experience, skill and knowledge; our specialists have the respect and admiration of industry executives, regulators and industry consultants.

Many of our partners and managers have served the industry for as long as some of the region's leading insurance executives thus enabling them to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the issues facing insurance companies in the Caribbean and globally. Life, health or property and casualty; whichever sector our clients are involved in, we help them by matching our unique capabilities with their special needs. Assurance, tax or business advisory services; we have the tools and resources that make the difference.

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Wilfred Baghaloo

Wilfred Baghaloo

Deals Leader, PwC Guyana

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