From formulation to implementation and monitoring, we provide guidance and a framework that maximizes benefits and value.

People and change

Our Human resource (HR) practitioners are here to assist in finding the right people for the job, evaluating suitability, looking at ways to optimise performance through better HR practice/strategy, improving linkage of HR and overall business strategy, performance measurement, compensation management or restructuring.

  • Executive search and selection  is an integral part of the services we offer at PwC and utilises a rigorous executive recruitment and selection process, leveraging modern tools and techniques, that will facilitate proper evaluation and informed decision making.


We can help improve operational excellence through increased efficiencies and cost reduction by advising on shared services, outsourcing, operational structures and initiatives such as customer relationship management, supply chain management and enterprise-wide cost management.


To help improve your performance as it relates to the finance function, we can advise you on how to standardise and simplify your processes, data and systems. In addition we can analyse your value drivers and advise on planning and budgeting, financial reporting and new reporting standards.

Corporate governance

Dealing with governance/compliance outcomes while meeting stakeholder expectations and corporate business objectives can be a challenge. We can help by designing and developing governance and compliance systems that align all these needs.

Technology & data analytics

With a full range of services including IT strategy development, effectiveness reviews, sourcing option considerations, package search and selection, software development, implementation support (including programme and project management), data quality initiatives, data analytics and business intelligence and many more. Our ITE professionals, global specialists, and alliance partners can  help you to maximise your investments in IT.


In today’s global environment we can compare various aspects of your operations with those of other industry players around the globe and in Trinidad  to identify strengths and uncover gaps for improvement.

  • Our team prepared reports that provide valuable insights to inform key human resource decisions and showcases the real value of compensation intelligence for your organisation in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive labour market. 

We also prepare National Compensation Surveys every two years as Trinidad and Tobago’s labour market is currently experiencing notable disruptions and rapid, pivotal changes. Organisations, now more than ever, need to review, analyse and leverage talent management and compensation insights to position themselves for recovery and growth nationally, regionally and globally.

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Zia Paton

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