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PwC Executive Interview - Strategy/challenges, with Pete

Pete Carlson, former COO of Brighthouse Financial, speaks with PwC US partner Paul Horgan, and discusses reducing the risks to both Brighthouse Financial and MetLife.

What we do

By focusing on a company’s greatest strengths, thinking big, and making tough choices, we help clients surpass the competition.

  • Corporate Strategy: Ask not what your businesses can do for you, but what you can do for them. By focusing on corporate center profitability, we help clients invest in effective internal governance and enterprise-wide differentiating capabilities, then fill in portfolios with businesses that gain the most from their unique mix of governance skills and enterprise capabilities.

  • Organic growth: Organic growth may seem tougher than ever, but we use proven strategies and the full benefits of PwC’s global network to help clients uncover opportunities. We focus on enhancing or adding differentiating capabilities for the market share you can get, not the market share you don’t have; the customers who are most likely to switch to you, not those already loyal to you or someone else; and what’s missing for your customers from your current products or services so you can close the needs-offer gap.

  • Portfolio strategy: A good product or service alone is no longer sufficient for success. Instead, outstanding portfolio management is a necessity. We help clients make smart capital investments to leverage their greatest strengths and propel future growth. Our insights and methodology will ensure that your portfolios and resources remain aligned with your overall objectives and strategies and help you develop the agility to quickly respond to market changes.

  • Strategic and business planning: Over the long term, strategic planning yields major benefits by continuously evaluating your company’s performance against strategic goals and using benchmarks to tell you how external changes are affecting your progress. We help clients build and maintain a relevant planning and performance management system, with clearly articulated objectives and metrics to stay on track

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Putting customers first, building value that lasts

Today’s customers trust brands that deliver consistent, meaningful, and personalized experiences across all physical and digital touchpoints. To successfully create those experiences, companies must fully understand their customers and respond with the right capabilities, products, services, and channels. By leveraging the right mix of business, experience, and technology, we help clients exceed their customers’ expectations at every interaction and achieve lasting, profitable growth.

More than 80% of senior leaders say customer strategy will be one of their largest investment areas over the next three to five years. Are you one of them?

  • Customer strategy and experience design: Companies must strike the right balance between generating value for the customer and value for the business. To do that, we help clients evaluate their overall customer landscape, determine which segments they should focus on, and then consistently engage with those customers in every interaction across products, services, solutions, and brand messaging.

  • Marketing and sales: In the age of experience, we help clients take advantage of the most important digital trends and tools to integrate strategy, customer insight and analytics, experience design, and technology. We strive for marketing and sales excellence that enables innovation, supports “always on” customer engagement and go-to market strategies, and drives the bottom line

  • Pricing and profitability: Achieving superior pricing and margin management requires capabilities that blend mathematics and managerial science. More than ever, companies need a holistic pricing strategy that starts with the end-user, leverages a growing number of data sources, and reflects value delivered and received by channel partners. We work with clients to build the pricing strategies and capabilities that support profitable growth and optimize value capture.

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  • Customer analytics: The key to understanding customers is getting the right insights. We support customer strategies with advanced quantitative and qualitative research techniques, leveraging big and little data to inform complex marketing, sales, pricing, and channel decisions.

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Reimagining operations with a strategic lens

Operations executives are facing extraordinary new opportunities to be at the forefront of global business transformation. Digital operations are revolutionizing the way companies develop, make, and distribute their products and services.

But the confluence of global trends, changing industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies has also left growth-seeking companies awash in complexity — often without a way to bring it to order.

The right set of differentiated operations capabilities can help you turn complexity into competitive advantage. Our Global Operations Survey shows that 42% of operations leaders are focusing on a few differentiating capabilities to drive competitive advantage.

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  • Customer operations: We help clients integrate customer engagement, service, and operations to create a distinctive customer experience that supports company revenue and profitability goals. 

  • Strategic supply management: We help clients build a supply base with a highly competitive cost, value, and service profile, transforming supply management into a strategic enabler for the business. 

  • Supply chain: We help clients develop end-to-end supply chains that are tailored to their market needs, leverage the latest digital technologies and provide competitive advantage in terms of service level, cost and asset efficiency, and flexibility. 

  • General and administrative (G&A) operations: We help clients align G&A functions with their growth strategy and make G&A cost and service management a core capability. 

  • Enterprise-wide operational excellence: We help our clients design and execute strategic programs to achieve enterprise-wide operational excellence. We make operations a competitive advantage by focusing on strategy, process, behavior changes, and digitization. 

  • Digital operations: We help clients to digitize their operations and connect products, assets, people, processes, and supply chain partners in order to achieve breakthrough efficiency, flexibility, and growth. 

Align your strategy, transform your business

When an organization doesn’t meet its stakeholders’ needs and expectations, the cause may not be a misguided strategy or vision. Often, underperformance is a result of a misaligned strategy across a company's many complex, interacting organizational parts.

We leverage a strategy-backed operating model and organization design approach. We identify an organization’s strategic goals, assess the fit of the organization against those goals, and then identify and implement the change needed to create a fit-for-purpose business. Finally, we look to enable the change by harnessing tried and true cultural and teaming levers.

  • Organization assessment: Creating transformational change first requires a clear picture of how your company stacks up within your industry. We have an expansive and thorough array of qualitative and quantitative tools that will help you understand how your organization compares to the competition.

  • Enterprise organization transformation: We support clients in redesigning their operating model around a strategy that works to generate sustainable growth.

  • Functional organization transformation: We help clients cut costs and unlock performance by redesigning functional organizations across all dimensions, including structure, process, tools, talent, and culture. We work with leaders to understand their unique enablers of change and the barriers to it. Finally, we help deploy informal and formal levers to promote key behaviors that shift mind-sets and produce a long-term impact on performance.

  • Culture engagement and evolution: We help clients close the strategy-through-execution gap by putting their cultures to work. Our network of practitioners in the Katzenbach Center advise companies across multiple industries, geographies, and business situations, guiding clients as they tap the power of their cultures and unlock the wisdom of teams to foster performance. Our time-tested methodology and focused thought leadership is rooted in the original works of leading organizational strategy advisor and best-selling author, Jon Katzenbach.

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2023 Industry Trends

Our world is changing with tireless speed. The challenge is keeping up with it.

This year, we’ve combined CEO insights from the PwC 26th Annual Global CEO Survey, with expert analysis to produce a series of industry trends reports.

Explore below to learn about crucial trends and strategic options.


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