Technology is no longer a function of your business, it is your business


Our society lives, works and plays digitally. Around the clock, we rely on technology's speed, efficiency and convenience. This exciting tech whirlwind continually builds, shifts and innovates. But with exhilaration comes apprehension - about pace, corporate dynamics, government or industry regulations, and potential threats. All are valid hurdles - they're also opportunities.

Together, we can help technology transform your business.

The right technology can help companies cut costs, become more efficient and grow through innovation. However, in order to get the best return for their investment, companies need to ensure that their software supports their strategic objectives.

That’s where we come in. We see technology as a means of solving business challenges, not as an end in itself. Using it in the right way is a vital step towards transforming the business. Through technology, we can help companies grow and become more efficient, focusing on delivering actionable, sustainable results. Our experienced teams bring the right blend of industry, process and technology skills enabling us to integrate industry-specific business-process insight with deep technical knowledge of various applications solutions, streamline your company’s processes and redefine efficiency.

In our team, we specialise in execution. We know why, where, how and in what sequence critical elements such as strategy, structure, people, process and technology, must be addressed – and even more importantly integrated – to drive performance. Our Applications practitioners do not just have skills in Technology, they have industry and functional expertise as well. Our team has a structured, disciplined approach based on 15+ years of experience on large implementations helping in all phases of a project, including program management and organizational change management.

Similarly, we work with proven, configurable methodologies and accelerators which help organizations address all aspects of a transformation program including strategy, structure, process, people and technology. Our expertise is recognized by Technology Leaders – including SAP, SalesForce and Microsoft – and we have Global Alliance Partnerships with them.

As companies pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is being generated and shared among organizations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of today’s interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organizations—and to skilled threat actors. Digitization has also exposed organizations to new vulnerabilities, making effective protection against cybersecurity threats and privacy breaches more important than ever.

We can help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business. This will position you to innovate and transform with speed and confidence to create new value for society.

Our Cyber Security services can help in the following ways:

  • Advanced Threat Services: We provide holistic and business focused Threat and Vulnerability Management services, enabling our clients to focus on the key risks to business operations and the information assets that matter.

  • Identity & Access Management: The meaning of Identity has significantly changed over the last decades, with digital identities taking a central role in the modern era. We assist our clients to optimally manage and take advantage of advanced Identity and Access Management capabilities, both technical and organisational, thus enabling optimised user experience, security of systems and assets and cost reduction via the automation of administrative tasks. 

  • Cyber Advisory: We advise senior management and Boards on understanding their dynamic cyber challenges, adapting and responding to the risks inherent in their business ecosystem, and protecting the assets most critical to their brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

  • Data Privacy: Privacy is much more than data security, and effective privacy  operations go far beyond pure legal considerations. We assist clients address their end-to-end data privacy needs, having GDPR as a key driving factor for EU entities, ultimately formulating a holistic Personal Data Governance Framework, addressing regulatory requirements, legal obligations and business needs.

At PwC, we believe change is the new constant and your ability to embrace and thrive on change will determine your future success. An enterprise’s ability to innovate and adopt new technology and disrupt the status quo is a core capability needed to thrive. Whether you are thinking through how to disrupt your existing business models with technology or embarking on a new venture, we help you understand how to use technology to deliver value. 

Our experienced technology strategists help you make informed strategic decisions and build realistic transformation plans. We work with you to challenge and disrupt today's certainty, so you can embrace tomorrow’s success.

Our Technology Advisory  services can help in the following ways:

  • Technology Strategy: We make sure that technology ties in with your overall business strategy, supports your key business drivers, and can be realistically executed

  • Cloud Transformation: We help you to get the most from the cloud by driving change across people, process and technology - all within the context of a long-term digital vision.

  • Technology Optimisation: We help CIOs establish structures, processes and capabilities to exceed the expectations of the business, through Operating Model Design, Workforce Strategy, Governance Frameworks, Cost Optimisation and Strategic Sourcing

  • Technology Projects Delivery: We help our clients in delivering your most important projects through market leading, flexible people resourcing.

  • Data Governance: We assist our clients to get data right, developing and implementing data governance strategies, frameworks and operating models

  • Technology Resilience: We make sure your disaster recovery and technology resumption arrangements are fit for purpose, effective and useable

We use Technological Innovations to Implement Solutions to Real Life problems. At Enterprise Digital, we search for problems and pain-points in your business and use cutting-edge technology to resolve them. We’re different to ordinary consultants - we come with a deep background in technology and advisory and hands-on experience in complex ICT solutions. Enterprise Digital is a unique technology group, very much like a startup, that focuses on creating digital solutions to solve business problems and help our clients to accelerate change and realize the benefits of technology investments.

Our Enterprise Digital services can help in the following ways:

  • Digital Transformation: We help executive teams to design new Target Operating Models, under strict Governance Framework, for the execution and implementation of an enterprise wide transformation programme.

  • Business Process Management: We transform operations into competitive advantage by streamlining business processes and eliminating bottlenecks. We provide the required IT infrastructure and software solutions in the areas of Business Process Automation, Process Analytics as well as Robotic Process Automation.

  • Emerging technologies: We help teams to understand,research, co-create, prototype, test, and deploy services and solutions powered by emerging technologies like  blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the internet of things

  • Cloud Transformation and Cloud Engineering: We help enterprises to design an efficient and financially effective cloud platform, highlight the value being delivered, and manage the change across the organization. We establish a secure multi-cloud foundation and enable our clients to interconnect the cloud & on-premise ecosystem, in real-time.

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