Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics is about gaining insight from your data to identify opportunities and solve business challenges, analysing business performance, identifying areas of improvement, and highlighting areas of potential risk.

In today’s market, where digitalisation is on the fast-track to evolving, you may be facing these important data challenges:

  • Big Data;
  • Modernisation/automation of increased efficiency and effectiveness of Internal Audit;
  • Optimisation of Key Business Processes;
  • Continuous Monitoring.

PwC helps clients by providing value-added assurance over the integrity of reporting, calculations, reconciliations and other data-related processes and risks through:

  • Validation of reports, interfaces and algorithms,
  • Data migration assurance,
  • Data quality assessments,
  • Fraud risk and detection analysis,
  • Supporting Internal Audit Departments in auditing data and computer-assisted audit techniques. 

Also, we can help you improve the value of your data and transform the information into actionable intelligence by:

  • Providing a quantifiable assessment through data analysis,
  • Providing services to support business reporting and control data quality and reporting systems,
  • Increasing efficiency through automation.

Our Experience

Our team is involved in Audits of Financial Statements using Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) to support Financial Audits in various sectors including Banking, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Commercial. Our team has developed specialised CAATs for more than 150 audit clients across all industries.

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