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Finance in the digital age

27 May 2016

Transforming the finance function is no small feat. It will require redefining the finance operating model and “rules of engagement” with the business. It will mean changing processes, technology platforms, and data structures. At its core, it will demand the finance and accounting professional to do things very, very differently.

IT security: What lurks in the dark

26 May 2016

The digital age has reintroduced data as a crucial resource for businesses. Data is now a precious asset that you can convert to valuable and useful information to help your business grow. Needless to say, if data is not being carefully safeguarded, opportunities and even confidential information may be lost. The recent data breach in the Commission on Election Web site has placed people’s privacy at risk, ranging from access to their bank accounts to using their personal information for impersonation, fraud, and much more.

Dutertes of the world

22 May 2016

Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte is one of the several leaders the world has been bringing to power: the non-traditionalists. However promising Mr. Duterte might be, PwC Philippines Chairman and Senior Partner Alex Cabrera thinks there is one important factor for him to succeed. Know what it is in his article "Dutertes of the world".