Government and Public Sector practice in Kenya

PwC is the largest professional services firm providing services to the government and public sector in Kenya. We play an important role in helping shape Government policy on public sector modernisation and in establishing best practice.

We work with Governments, international development partners and NGOs in promoting transparency and accountability of funds and ensuring that value for money is achieved by donors, national and local communities.

PwC Kenya remains at the forefront of the development of performance and service improvement in the sector with a dedicated public service group of 50 specialists within our staff team and another 20 working with us as sub-contractors. We are uniquely qualified to help public sector entities overcome their operational and strategic challenges.

Relevant experience

Our wealth of relevant experience and our understanding of the public sector ensures that we provide our clients with the top-quality services that they require. This includes providing services to top-tier public sector organisations in Eastern, Central and West Africa within:

  • national or federal governments;
  • regional and county governments;
  • public entities; and
  • Other quasi-government organisations.

Over the years, we have established our footprint in most of the sectors of the economy. These sectors include:

PwC Kenya plays a significant role in the health sector through provision of varied professional services. In the recent past we have been contracted by the ministries in charge of Health, UN specialised agencies, development partners and international NGOs to provide a range of services including provision of Local Fund Agent services (LFA), Fund Management Agency(FMA), provision of rolling audit services, developing comprehensive operational manual for health facilities and training health facility teams on financial management, training and capacity building of programme staff on financial management, procurement and monitoring and evaluation areas.

PwC Kenya provides services to various organisations in the water and sanitation sector. In the recent past we have been contracted to provide the following services:

Value for Money (VFM) Study for a nationwide water programme in Kenya implemented by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) and funded by several donors jointly with the Government of Kenya. PwC was contracted to review the VFM issues arising from the implementation of 25 rural water and sanitation projects in the seven Water Services Board (WSB) areas in Kenya.

Financial rolling audits for a nationwide Water and Sanitation Programme in Kenya: The programme is being implemented under three components: Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS); Water Resources Management Support (WRMS); and support to Water Sector Reform Support (WSRS). The programme is funded by two Development Partners and the Government of Kenya.

PwC Kenya offers significant assurance and advisory service support to the infrastructure sector. For example, we were contracted to provide technical, performance and financial audits to a road agency in Kenya and other donor funded infrastructural projects.

In addition, we have recently been involved in the Forensic investigation of a strategic parastatal in Kenya and the involvement of its staff in the collateral financing arrangement between financiers and the parastatal that signifi cantly exposed the client to substantial claims from both financiers and Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) for oil products that had been irregularly released to a collapsed OMC.

Between 2003 and 2006, PwC was contracted by one of the lead Development Partners in Kenya to monitor expenditure under the free primary education in Kenya, under the Strengthening of Primary Education 3 (SPRED 3) programme. The assignment entailed financial and procurement tracking, audit and monitoring of school levies.

PwC has been engaged by the Government of Kenya to prepare financial guidelines and procurement manual for SWAP under the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP). The objective of the assignment was to set out good financial management and procurement practices to facilitate effective and effi cient mobilisation and utilisation of both domestic and external resources of the Programme.

We provide key services to the agricultural sector in Kenya, including:

  • Rolling financial audits to one of the nationwide programmes in Agricultural and Livestock Extension in Kenya. The programme is co-funded by a leading donor agency and the government of Kenya. Our rolling audits cover all the districts in Kenya
  • Project monitoring for the 5 projects funded by a leading UN agency in the Eastern, Central, Rift Valley, South Nyanza regions in Kenya. The projects focused in the areas of revitalisation of agriculture, livestock production, sustainability of natural resources and community livelihood.
  • Value for Money audit for one of the sector wide support programmes in agriculture. The programme is funded by one of the leading donor agencies in Kenya.

PwC Kenya plays a key role in governance and public administation by offering technical assistance to the East African Countries. We have been instrumental in the preparation of Consolidated Public Accounts and financial management capacity building.

Additionally, we have been involved in the installation of performance management systems in service ministries of one of the East African Countries.